Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hurricane Bill - Wake Up America


Pictured above is Hurricane Bill in the lower right of the photo as it gathers strength and sets course for America. Now the weather service has somewhat downplayed this storm after all the false alarms since Katrina have cost millions of dollars.

However, our own intuition here at CPT believes this will most likely develop into a monster storm and batter the Atlantic States from North Carolina north where hurricanes hitting land are not a common occurrence.

Those of you in the Carolina to New Jersey-New York areas should make preparations for a storm next week that could leave the area without power and water for some time depending on the storm damage if it does hit land.

By the time you get a warning from your local and national weather services there will be shortages of food and water and you better stock up early for a week to be safe. Remember when buying food you will have no electric power to cool or cook unless you have a power generator.

Also this storm will hit in the midst of the Dog Days of Summer when we could have high temperatures and severe humidity in it's aftermath. Plan for what it will take to stay cool and dry. Keep handy a basic medical kit plus whatever you need for special medical problems.

Consider that massive power outages will leave you without a toilet, even in the septic areas since electric water pumps are needed, or water for washing so you should keep bottles of drinking water and water for washing and toilet flushing.

Finally, flooding, perhaps severe, could result so make sure if you are in a flood plain your valuables on the ground floor are above potential water lines. Common sense and advance planning can make it a lot safer and more tolerable. Make the best of this calm before the storm.

If it misses us and stays in the Atlantic we will still get major rainfall but if it does hit as we expect the damage will be a lot more severe so be prepared.


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