Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Wrap Up - Obama and Congress - Who is Looking out for Us?


As Obama completes his 7th month as President I hope there are a few things he has learned. Like all new presidents he has tried to ride the crest of adulation and perceived popularity to secure sweeping changes on the face of our nation and like all new presidents he failed.

Like all politicians he promised ideological changes and like all new presidents he discovered the American public really do pay attention to those who attempt to hijack the nation. Obama style socialism had no more chance than Bush conservatism because America is a melting pot on philosophical identity, not prone to believe politicians.

We do not care about a politicians agenda, only their willingness to get past their agenda and start serving all the people not just their own special interests. Obama has enraged the conservatives with his platform and the liberals with his failures and in America that is how it should be because in the end we demand a higher standard than political promises can deliver.

He got burned on the economy, not because he was wrong but because there is no evidence his solutions would work. The same politicians and bureaucrats that got us into this mess are advising him and the same special interests continue to pump tens of millions of dollars into the coffers of our elected officials. This conflict of interest, the practice of accepting money from those you regulate, is a cancer that must be eradicated from American politics if corruption is to ever be contained.

Neither Obama nor congress has the strength, the moral fortitude nor the willingness to risk their career for the greater good of the people by working to abolish special interest lobbying, campaign financing and corrupting our elected officials. No, money still controls Washington and Wall Street and those Obama supporters with money got more money while those without money got the shaft.

Why? Because the same people remain in power in congress, the White House and Wall Street who caused the problems. Two trillion in government bailouts to protect the practices of the greed mongers should be ample evidence of the strength of the crooks and the weakness of the elected officials who promised to stop them while accepting millions in campaign contributions.

Maybe Obama will mature. Maybe he will realize who the enemy really is. Maybe he will lower the volume of tirades against opposing politicians and people who disagree because isn't that what America and freedom are all about? When he turns his anger on the people filling his staff positions, walking in the halls of congress and thumbing their noses at the American public while stealing them blind he might start to make progress.

Americans are sick and tired of special interest agendas whether it is the Democratic or Republican agenda, liberal or conservative, Wall Street or Main Street, Madison Avenue or common sense, media or advertisers. We long for political and economic systems whose purpose is to serve America, not bleed it dry. We long for leaders who want to help all the people, not just stuff their own pockets. We long for news media who place truth above advertising prices and stock values. While there may be a few out there, they are few and far between.


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