Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Political Promises Paid in Full - Obama Style


Now that Obama has paid off those campaign contributors to the tune of billions of dollars perhaps they can pack their greed and run off to count their huge profits and let the rest of the country get the scraps left on the table.

A bold statement you say? Not with the record of Goldman Sachs, the United Auto Workers, the Health Care Industry, the Insurance Industry, the alternative energy industry, the various lawyers groups and the few and far between who have received a massive return on their investment just six months into the new Administration.

After shattering records in fund raising for his presidential campaign while spending over three quarters of a billion dollars to get a job that pays just $400,000 a year, there had to be a ton of IOUs that were due and these contributors wasted no time in claiming their prize.

Be that as it may we can only blame ourselves for electing to congress the very people who make such a lucrative investment possible, our elected representatives, who have perpetuated a system of campaign financing that breeds greed and generously rewards the greed mongers.

I don't know about you but I am sick and tired of the empty promises from Obama and everyone else in the house and senate who promised to clean up the mess. They have neither the morals nor fortitude to slam the door on corruption and as long as they remain in congress we, the people, get what we deserve for sending them.

At least under Obama we have proven that democratic liberals have an even greater propensity to rip off the system than Republican fat cats as most liberals have cashed out in just six months while it takes Republicans about eight years. Just look at Al Gore whose net worth went from $2 million when he lost the presidency eight years ago to $100 million when Obama got elected and now stands to pocket in the neighborhood of billions thanks to the largess of the Obama clean air policies.

Poor Gore went from a skinny liberal to fat cat capitalist at the blink of an eye while testifying to Congress that he was donating any money to non-profit environmental causes. I suppose the tooth fairy just dumped the hundred million into his accounts, the same tooth fairy that flies him around in private jets and drops him at his energy guzzling mansion when he is not earning $100,000 plus speaking fees. What in the world can he tell us that is worth $100,000 to hear?

All I want Gore to say is yes, I have a conflict of interest that is making me millions, maybe billions, but isn't that the American way? Because come republicans or democrats, it is sure the American way. So hopefully the Gold Man and others have squeezed every last cent out of our treasury and can get on to raping the coffers in China, India and Russia so we have a chance to survive.

As for the president, it would be nice to hear the truth about his relationship to Goldman. It would also be nice to hear who exactly benefitted financially from his actions as president and it would be really nice to hear how they intend to take care of the president after he leaves office. None of that will be forthcoming of course. Nor any truth about Gore's relationship to them.

Happy endings can't be found in politics but only in fantasy stories and what we have going on in Washington may look like a fantasy story but our treasury and your future are at risk because of the story now unfolding. Obama and congress have bailed out their friends with your bucks, even a lot of your bucks you haven't even earned yet.

Does anyone find it ironic that Goldman Sachs reports record earnings at the same time the US Treasury is reporting the first trillion dollar deficit in history achieved in just six months? Obama shattered spending records to get elected, he has shattered spending records since taking office, he has shattered deficit records trying to spend the money, and he is shattering the US national debt records trying to raise the money he has already spent.


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