Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. President - What have you accomplished?


Has anyone noticed that time seems to be speeding up while nothing seems to be changing in this world? We have a new president but all the same problems are still here. The economy is built on a foundation of quicksand. Troops remain in Iraq. More troops have been sent to Afghanistan. North Korea and Iran both have spit in the face of our new president and his policy of engagement in dialogue with our enemies.

Nancy Pelosi continues to lead the Democratic party down the black hole of intellectual constipation and permanent inertia with her broken promises, her running from responsibility and blaming everyone else for the lack of action and leadership. Pelosi continues to slam defective bills through Congress which will have no chance of getting into law.

Thanks to the Democrats control of the universe we have the highest budget deficit in history, the highest national debt in history, two wars still underway and two more hot spots moving closer to conflict in North Korea and Iran.

Fat cats on Wall Street that backed Obama have gotten richer while those that caused the economic chaos have not been prosecuted. Green politicians like Al Gore have made a hundred million dollars off the environment and stand to make billions more while the Administration continues to fund them and ignore the oil and gas assets we do control.

Social programs have grown adding millions more to the future deficits while Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while we do rely on and have paid for are on a fast track to destruction. Oh yes, and what happened to your 401K that was supposed to be protected by the government?

If I had all these things going wrong I think I would rent a resort home for $40,000 like Obama and go on vacation as well. Too bad he can't find a church to go to as easy as spending tens of thousands of dollars visiting resorts, going to Broadway shows, hosting million dollar Hawaiian parties for cronies, and whatever else he does for diversion. Maybe keeping him out of Washington along with the Congress is what America needs most to heal.

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