Saturday, July 25, 2009

Polls - Palin Drops 14% and gets Impaled - Obama Drops 16% Media Ignore It


If ever there was evidence of the bias of the nation's elite media it is in the reporting of the latest polls on our politicians. A poll by the Washington Post and ABC News showing a Palin favorable rating of 40%, was hailed as evidence by the nation's liberal media that Palin is falling off the cliff in terms of public support.

Of course no one mentioned that the poll included all people not even limiting it to registered voters as all reliable polls do. This is a sham and a deception and the media should be ashamed for even suggesting it was scientific.

At her peak of popularity last September Palin had a 54% favorable rating which means she has now dropped 14% in the polls. She stills commands a 70% favorable rating from Republicans which is as good as it ever was.

In the Rasmussen Reports, a legitimate independent polling service relied upon for political purposes, his latest poll shows Obama has now dropped 16% in his favorable rating, from a high of 65% last January to 49% today. It is the first time he has fallen below 50%. Did you notice any articles showing Obama had fallen more than Palin in the ratings? Oh yes, the Rasmussen Report only polls registered voters so it does have meaning for the next elections.

Media bias is running rampant in support of Obama even though the public has seen through the illusion created by the media. In two current Rasmussen polls the reason for not reporting them is clear. When Obama is polled head to head with Mitch Romney for president they are tied. When he is opposed by Sarah Palin, the one the Washington Post and ABC News say is falling off the cliff and out of favor with the public, all voters give Obama just a 48-42% lead.

Palin didn't even run for president last election yet she has closed to within 6% of the President with all the resources of the White House and liberal media helping him while the same resources are trying to smear Palin. You will never get the truth from the liberal media.

These latest polls were also before Obama shot off his mouth on the Cambridge Police fiasco and then had to reverse himself when he inflamed racism in America, and before his embarrassing failure to get a Health Care Reform bill before the Congressional recess.

In truth these are the latest poll results of registered voters on the issues.

54% oppose the Obama health care reform
25% favor the Obama stimulus
31% say the Obama stimulus hurts us
31% say the country is moving in the right direction
20% say health care is our greatest priority
37% say the deficit is our highest priority
46% say network news is more reliable than the internet
35% say the internet is more reliable than network news
50% of Republicans and Independents say both news sources are equally reliable
66% of Democrats believe network news is more reliable


Anonymous said...

Palin's done, she's nothing but a money grubbing, QUITTER.

Anonymous said...

Obama quit, Hillary quit, Napolitano quit, Sebelius quit, Emmanuel quit