Wednesday, February 06, 2008


About the only thing one needs to scoop after Super Tuesday is all the BS thrown at us by the media and their political analysts. Only the candidates seemed to have any grasp of the truth because they were so busy running from coast to coast they had little time to tell tall stories.

But the media, they are desperate to get this election over with as soon as possible. They want McCain in and Romney out. They want Obama and Clinton to become one so they don’t have to decide who should be president between them. They need Huckabee to stay in the race to siphon votes off Romney so McCain can win and they want Rush Limbaugh to shut up because he is raising the curtain on a lot of nasty backroom politics.

Make no mistake; the smoke filled back room political deals are already on the table. For all we know the election could already be over. The media is hell bent on declaring a winner of the primaries before half the country has even had a chance to vote. Do any of you wonder why?

Super Tuesday was supposed to deliver the knockout blow to Romney and maybe Hillary but Romney won 7 states while only getting 6 stolen from him while Hillary, well Hillary has no intention of letting the media decide the election. Once again she beat back the avalanche of support for Barack that is steamrolling across the nation, at least according to the media.

Every time Obama does well at least in the eyes of the media the stock market seems to go down. Do you think there is any connection? As for McCain, the darling of the media because they think he will be the easiest for a Democrat to beat in the fall and the media is intent on getting a Democrat elected, where is his base coming from?

Within the Republican party when it comes to who people want to be president Conservatives don’t like him, Evangelicals don’t like him, Wall Street and the business community don’t like him, talk show hosts don’t like him, so who besides the media does like him? Don’t get me wrong, McCain is an honest and likeable war hero but he was a has been in the presidential sweepstakes just a few months ago so why is he the media favorite now?

I am very happy no one is running away with the primary because in a Democracy the people are supposed to pick the candidates not the media. Besides, if the media gets to choose who wins by tilting news coverage their way then what is the purpose of having the Democratic and Republican national nominating conventions in August to pick the candidates?

When the media stops analyzing the election and starts reporting the news like they should then people will get objective information on the campaign. Until then people need to understand not to listen to the experts, just listen to your own heart. No one knows who is the best president for you and no one knows who will do a great job if they are elected. You decide and the world will be a much safer place.

In the meantime when candidates are promising you they will stop the war, bring home the troops and fix the economy, it sounds wonderful, but the following images remind us that the candidates have no control over what other people in the world are doing to us. Don’t forget what happened on 9-11. Freedom was never free.

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