Friday, February 29, 2008


Thirty-two million people can't be wrong can they? More people watch every Idol show than watch the annual Academy Awards or Grammy Awards. Fox and Simon Cowell, the nasty judge and owner of the show, have made it the geatest money machine on television and that does not count the record contracts Simon signs with the aspiring stars, tours, merchandising, record sales and on and on.

In terms of TV ratings, this is number 1 and leaves elections, debates, news and sports except for the Super Bowl eating dust. So to help you follow the show this day, February 29, there are 20 contestants left including 10 guys and girls. In case you want to skip a few shows I will take you into the future to the finals with just four contestants left. Here are the four finalists.
David Archuleta - Murray, Utah

Brooke White - Mesa Arizona

Jason Castro - Rockwall, Texas

Syesha Mercado - Sarasota, Florida

And the winner, drum roll please, the cute little kid from Murray, Utah, David Archuleta who already won the Junior Singer Star Search competition when he was 12. A little Latin, his mom is from Honduras, and a lot Mormom, Utah you know, David will win in a tough battle with Brooke or whoever. Now, instead of being glued to the tube watching Idol you can spend about 6 hours more a week doing something important and still act informed about the Idol or idle news.

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