Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A couple of bands made big news this week as the New York Philharmonic became the largest group of Americans to go to North Korea when performing a concert this week in that city with the strange spelling and having it broadcast nationwide to the communist nation.

They played the American and Korean national anthems and closed with a Korean folk song that brought tears to the audience eyes and a standing ovation for the Americans. Now whether this event has any effect on the rather strained relations between us remains to be seen but once again music may open doors the loud mouth politicians can't open.

Coltons Point Jug Band to Hold Tryouts

There is an unconfirmed rumor circulating that Robert Kopel, newly appointed admiral of the Point now that Admiral Gibby is being held under house arrest, has decide to hold open tryouts for positions in the legendary Coltons Point Jug Band.

Seems Mr. Kopel, hubby to the mysterious Ink Spot, is tired of the constant changes in the band as his prisoners keep finishing their sentences and get released. He is looking for a more lasting solution to the turnover in the band.

Now that the infamous Coltons Point Lighthouse is about to open and become the secret party center for Southern Maryland Admiral Kopel sees a bright future for the Jug Band and wants members he can count on. Stay tuned for audition schedules. The most recent performance of the jug band at the secret Lighthouse groundbreaking ceremony was a real jailhouse rocking good party.

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