Thursday, February 21, 2008


The US Navy today, Thursday, successfully tested the world's most expensive garbage disposal system when a rocket climbed a couple of hundred miles and obliterated a dead spy satellite as it orbited the earth. The dead spy satellite cost about $1 billion when it was launched and hasn't worked since. Classified documents prevent us from determining if it contained parts made in China like everything else being recalled in America.

The ship, rocket and all the other high tech stuff used to shoot down the hapless satellite cost somewhere between $30 - 70 million. Military accountants are allowed a little leeway in budget estimates and the 200% estimate range is well within targets.

Now the fact the dead ship was doing 17,000 mph, was just the size of a school bus, and was hit by a sliver of a rocket doing another 17,000 mph or so makes this well worth the outrageous cost. So for today the earth is still safe, another 1000 pounds of toxic chemicals have been kept in the upper atmosphere to breathe some time in the future, and the spy agencies can now justify another billion dollars for the replacement satellite.

Oh yes, the conspiracy theorists say the Navy didn't shoot it down at all, it was the following hillbilly.

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