Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What is in a Photo? The Media Obsession with Trump Inaugural Crowd Photos


Never was the obsession with the Establishment media of wanting to do anything and everything possible to undermine the Trump presidency more obvious than with the blizzard of stories about the estimate of crowd sizes at the Trump inaugural.

According to the television producers at NBC, ABC, CBS, cable also rans like CNN and MSNBC,  the pillars of liberal obsession The New York Times and The Washington Post, and all the other George Soros inspired or funded media like Politico, The Huffington Post, and, well, you know the like, nothing was more important in the news.

Michael Snyder / AP / Mario Anzuoni / Markku Ulander / Joshua Roberts / Tim Chong / Jim Urquhart / Jorge Dan Lopez / Mike Segar / Carlo Allegri / Reuters / The Atlantic

One might think the status of the Trump cabinet approval might be news since only 4 of the nearly two dozen positions subject to Senate approval are complete.  Democrats have made certain Trump is far behind previous elected presidents at this point in his new administration.  Perhaps a story about how the media said many of the Trump nominees were in trouble might be interesting since conventional wisdom says every single nominee is likely to be approved.

Of course there are the flurry of Trump Executive Orders to fulfill campaign promises and priorities including those relating to immigration, job development, the economy, trade deals, foreign relations and other areas but the news media seems to ignore them.

Trump's tremendous early outreach to friends and foes alike has also largely gone unnoticed whether it was the leaders of silicon valley, multi-national business tycoons, auto leaders, or union leaders.  While many positive things are happening they seem oblivious to the media.

So here is my update on the latest dumb obsession of the the Establishment Media, the crowd photos.

Here is what CNN used as the basis for a million dumb stories.

There was no mention of the fact the security screening at the Trump swearing in was the tightest in history, nor that it was raining before the event started, both resulting in delays in the activities.

Newspaper not from the liberal elite on the East Coast posted their own photos of the Trump inaugural when it happened, not well in advance like CNN, and this is what they looked like.

You decide where the truth might lie, in the CNN set up or the photos reported by news media outside the Washington, DC Beltway.

As for me, the only news in the news being reported by the Establishment Media was never news in the first place.  It is obvious why 94% of Americans do not trust the news media.

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