Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Madonna and her Twisted "F _ _ _ You" Message of Love - Liberal Style


As usual, the progressive radical left managed to hijack another wonderful opportunity for mothers, children, and grand children who swarmed to the Women's March this past Sunday.  They came in support of a multitude of valid women's issues but the preoccupation of the liberal media with radical celebrities left Madonna at the microphone in front of tens of thousands of innocents.

She spoke of love and projected hate.

She spoke of love and used the "F" word several times on live TV.

She spoke of love and wanted to bomb the Trump White House.

What a shame the clearest memory of a truly historic march is a multi-millionaire bionic tongue shouting F___ to all those families and children.  For someone who made her fortune here in America while others defended her in war, it was a fitting last gasp of the progressive elite who refuse to support a government that did not elect THEIR candidate.

Since Madonna is already trying to explain away her comments you be the judge if you choose to view the following video showing the example she set before the hundreds of thousands of females, women, children, and grand children.  Be forewarned, the language is crude, cruel, and explicit.

It was an internationally broadcast disgrace and hopefully, it will mark the end of such provocative tactics to secure a moment of glory for those dark souls who use power to steal souls from the innocent in our society.

As for the media, they continue to act as though truth does not matter by saying all women oppose or hate Trump when the truth is Hillary Clinton received only 54% of the women vote and Trump received 42%, a far cry from the landslide projections for Hillary by the liberal media.

Liberals seem to think women are a monolithic group, where all think alike.  It is a delusion they may take to their graves.  Women are far more sophisticated in their knowledge of jobs, the economy, public safety, and yes, terrorism, than most liberals in general.

Long ago women learned to vote their own conscious, not follow the pack into oblivion, and even the most divisive of issues such as abortion reflect a very divided female population with just 29% favoring unrestricted abortion, 50% favoring restrictions, and 19% favoring no abortions according to the latest Gallup polls.  In terms of Pro-life and Pro-Choice, women remain equally divided.

One might wonder if a deliberate effort was made to exclude all those groups supporting family values and traditional causes were not invited since it was hard to find any signs in the crowd.

Hopefully the truth about the far left is obvious and the media will one day report the truth but after the past eight years of polarization, it may be some time to come.

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