Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Establishment Democrats and News Media still do not get it as Trump juggernaut buries them in Chaos


One day, most likely far into the future, the American Democratic party and the national news media may step back and say, "what did we do wrong?" as Trump is finishing his second term as President of the United States.

You see, the news media, liberal world, and to some extent the conservative world in the USA find each other in the midst of a non-stop political maelstrom and the source of the political potpourri is none other than the most unlikely president in our history, Donald Trump.

All of these potential enemies of our new president share a few common bonds called conceit, arrogance, elitism, a holier than thou attitude, and a serious lack of historical knowledge and common sense.

"MSNBC Is 'Shocked' That Donald Trump Followed Through on His Campaign Promises"

As a result, they fail to understand that President Trump is not of the same mold, cloth, or temperament of any of them.  Oh, he graduated from an Ivy League School, Wharton, but he did not receive the same indoctrination those other elitists absorbed.

No, President Trump learned the game of life and survival in the school of hard knocks, the streets of New York City, where winners survive and losers just disappear.  In my years in New York and New Jersey, after growing up in the Midwest and college in Arizona, I came to understand the incredible disenfranchisement between the grass roots American and the eastern elitist.

In the Midwest, public service was an honorable activity but was seldom a career.  Out East, the political parties and politicians tried to make it a dominant force over society.  Money ruled the hallways of government out East while patriotism ruled in the Midwest.

Call it an attitude, a superiority complex, or putting on airs, as far back as the 1960's it was well established and obvious and the result was those out East took themselves far more seriously than the typical Midwestern American.

When I traveled more extensively over the years, I noticed the same detachment between the East and South, Great Lakes, and Southwest.

All the while, the political and news media elitists out East became more alike than dissimilar except over a few basic issues while becoming more and more ideologically polarized.  Political party platforms became a joke never to be seriously pursued once one was elected president.

Among the greatest mistakes of the elitist politicians and news media are they continually underestimated the knowledge and wisdom of Americans outside the Northeast corridor, the area from Washington, DC to Boston where 54 million people live.

Long ago, the silent majority of Americans saw the growth of money and corruption in politics and government.  As the two political parties fought it out for the minds and votes of Americans, the people were deserting the parties in record numbers.

So dramatic was this ignorance by the elitists they did not notice in 2016 when for the first time in our history there were more voters registered as Independents than either Democrats or Republicans.  Even more ominous for the elitists, almost 50 percent of the eligible voters did not even register to vote.

For those pollsters and political pundits too blind to see the truth, that means nearly two-thirds of all the eligible voters in America were fed up with the political system as presented by the news media and two political parties.

At the very same time the polarization in politics and the parallel rise of ideological bias in the news media caused a disastrous collapse of trust in that most sacred of US protected classes, the news media.  By the time the 2016 election was in full swing, just six percent of the public trusted the news media.

"Is the Liberal Media Trump trashing finally over, or is it now destined for oblivion?"

Again, for the benefit of the brain dead media and pundits who failed to read the tea leaves, that means ninety-four out of every one hundred Americans did NOT trust the news media.  Yet the media arrogance continued to grow as they tried to project their bias into all aspects of reporting and Trump was the target of the growing venom of the media.

Donald Trump sensed this frustration, dissolution, and disgust of the forgotten Americans that was accelerating as the Obama years ground to an end and once again, the agenda of another political leader had failed to materialize.

Here is the real news Trump was not an ideological candidate.  Trump was not a politician.  Trump was not even a real Republican.  He was not interested in being politically correct and he sure hated the status quo.  Because he was rich, he did not need to sell his body and soul to the financially powerful.  Each of these characteristics made him more and more valuable to the vast and growing silent majority.

In the end, the vast majority of the people who voted to elect Trump did not vote for Donald Trump, they voted for a voice, an ear, a doer, an outsider, a disrupter, a person who just wanted to make America Great Again.

Whether he registered as a Republican or Democrat mattered not because he was certain to alienate anyone standing for the status quo, for preserving the establishment, for accepting the dominant rule of political parties, or one who catered to the needs of a needy news media.

People did not have to like him to vote for him, they just had to believe he would fight for change, disrupt the Establishment, and in the end fix the many problems now facing our nation.

Donald Trump understood his strange bond with the silent majority where a billionaire becomes the ombudsman for the ignored masses.  There are no favorites in Trump's worldview, only those willing to play.

Trump believes in a world that leaves no one behind.  That including those many voters lied to and mislead by the political parties over the years.  Trump recognizes everyone is a victim of a failing political system and a biased news media establishment.
The Trump juggernaut is dominating the establishment politicians and news media because they insist on playing by their own rules (he does not), and because urgency is not a part of the bureaucratic way in our nation's capitol.  President Trump, on the other hand, thrives on action and chaos.

One day the politicians and news media may realize that Trump is not the favorite, but is certainly the chosen, to do what American citizens believe is necessary to save our American institution.


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