Friday, December 02, 2016

Enough whining - the People Spoke - Donald Trump is our President


With almost all votes finally counted for president, the results demonstrate the widespread route by Donald Trump among the 50 states, which will make him our 45th President.

Trump wins Electoral vote by 306-232
Clinton wins popular vote by 2,357,260

Clinton wins California by 4,187,903
Trump wins remaining 49 states by 1,830,643

Clinton wins California and New York by 5,697,409
Trump wins remaining 48 states by 3,340,149

So far, the Trump victory has defied the media projections,

defied the polls,

defied the political pundits,

and left a lot of Hillary supporters in shell shock.

America has not broken out in civil war.

Our economy has not collapsed as the financial experts warned.
In fact, our financial markets have shattered all time records.

Nations around the world have not panicked or been traumatized.

It is about time for a deep breath in our Republic, and let Donald Trump demonstrate what kind of President he intends to be.

For all those who think someone should be president if they win one or two states by a landslide and ignore the rest of the states, you need a crash course on America, our Constitution, and the history you obviously missed.


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