Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is the Liberal Media Trump trashing finally over, or is it now destined for oblivion?


With the latest effort to dump Trump, inspired and promulgated by the Liberal media, failing miserably, along with the election of Hillary Clinton, the Russian invasion of the American cyber world, and the phony recount efforts, do we finally get a break?

The election is still over, Donald Trump is still president, and the left wing liars, whiners, and wimps, best get used to the new America, Donald Trump's vision of hope, for a change.

I have been following presidential elections for more than half a century and the world has not seen such a despicable performance by a free and protected media to influence an election as that witnessed in 2016.

Sadly, the same biased, bigoted, and racist, left wing writers, prognosticators, pundits, pollsters, and political consultants will write all 21st Century historical accounts of the election of 2016.  Once again, we will fail to find truth in the news or history because of the manipulation by those who continually used their media positions to advance the Clinton agenda.

They still do not get it.

Once upon a time in America our news media reported the facts and let the public decide the truth.  Those days are long gone.  As the liberal movement swept over the media thanks to the merger of academic freedom with radical liberalism starting back in the 1960's, there has been a disconnect missed by all those attempting to shove an agenda down the throats of the public.

The people in America, to the shock of the left leaning media, have the same protection by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and retain the right to ignore the banshee screams of an alarmed liberal media that we are teetering on the eve of destruction for the past 50 years.

The same pollsters, who failed to rig our national election by misreading the mood of the public, seemed to miss their own credibility demise as public faith in our news media faded to the lowest level ever recorded this past year with just six percent of the public trusting the news media.

Ironically, it was just one of many signs that the Obama tenure as president gave them a very false sense of security, as the popularity of Obama the person could never overcome the many staggering "wrong track" polls against the Obama agenda.

The result was a media full of itself and the social agenda they intended to impose, whose real foundation, built on the temporary executive orders of a president without a country to run, were doomed from the start.  Obama was the vanguard of the political activist, community organizer, and ethereal professor, a champion of a social revolution not wanted in America.

Is it any surprise there were so many shocked experts and players every step of the election process as the lofty vision and dreams of a popular president failed to result in any public support and consensus?

While the liberals were busy congratulating themselves for eight years of Obama, and looking forward to eight more with Hillary, they did not even notice for the first time in modern American history more eligible American voters registered as Independents, than either Democrats or Republicans.

This is one of the most significant shifts in our history and the news media failed to notice as the majority of eligible voters rejected both political parties for the first time.  Is it any wonder a candidate for change finally had a path to victory?

From the point of the national conventions and selection of final candidates, the media made the coronation of Hillary Clinton the sole priority of the news media and ignored all warning signs that the public did not agree.

The nightly news anchors and reporters stopped being objective if they ever were, and created a murders role mentality among their liberal brethren to destroy the deplorable Trump by any way and means possible.

By late fall it seemed impossible to find unbiased media with the networks spewing the mantra that Trump cannot win while cable news became a bigger joke than the Saturday Night Live gang did.  Speaking of Saturday Night Live, the legendary network show did their best to humiliate Trump but drew some of the lowest ratings in years averaging about a third of their peak audiences from decades ago.

SNL pulled 2-3 million viewers a night, paltry for a network icon yet better than even lower numbers generated by all cable media, except the dominant Fox News.  Liberals dominated the media, yet totally missed the fact the public stopped watching the traditional news.

We are now more than a month past the election and just today, the Electoral College voted Trump president despite the many negative stories from the media about how he could still lose.  Clearly major network and cable news outlets will never accept Trump as president nor the will of the people in electing him.

If the liberal media continue to treat Trump as a pariah rather than president then it is only fair the Trump administration treat the media as hopelessly lost in unethical journalistic conduct and not deserving a place in the White House press corp.  Why recognize a media that refuses to recognize you as president?

Trump proved you do not need to spend a billion dollars on media buys to win an election.  He proved politicians could successfully appeal directly to the public and ignore the media.  The failure of the media to give Trump a fair chance and his astonishing victory tell the tale of truth.

The real dinosaur in this campaign is the outdated and biased news media.  The have suffocated on their own egos.  Now, never even considering the possibility of a Trump victory, they are lost at sea.

If there was any doubt of media bias against Trump here are excerpts from a recent article of the liberal media commenting on their own dilemma of having no one on their fair and balanced media staff who can write an op-ed article favorable to our new president Trump.


Mainstream media puts out the call for pro-Trump columnists
By Paul Farhi December 9 at 9:09 AM 

Wanted: Columnists to say nice things about Donald Trump. Must be able to make cogent arguments in favor of the president-elect’s policies, appointees and statements. Experience preferred but not required.

It’s not an actual want ad, but it might as well be one. As they discovered during the long campaign season, the nation’s newspapers and major digital news sites — the dreaded mainstream media — are facing a shortage of people able, or more likely willing, to write opinion columns supportive of the president-elect.

Major newspapers, from The Washington Post to the New York Times, have struggled to find and publish pro-Trump columns for months. So have regional ones, such as the Des Moines Register and Arizona Republic, which have a long history of supporting Republican candidates

 “We struggled to find voices that could advocate for Donald Trump’s ideas,” said James Bennet, the Times’ editorial-page editor. “It was really unusual. It didn’t help that the conservative intelligentsia lined up against him.” But Bennet says Trump’s campaign contributed to the imbalance: “He didn’t have the people around him who were prepared to put together his arguments” for publication.

The Washington Post’s editorial-page editor, Fred Hiatt, said the paper is as committed “as ever” to offering readers “a range of smart, independent thinking, and we are always thinking about whether there are new voices we should be adding” as Trump takes office.
Said the Times’ Bennet: “We owe it to our readers to help them hear the voices that were supportive of Trump. . . . I’m proud of the work we did, but we could have done better.”


So, the bias is built in and extensive by their own admission.  It continues with the misleading headlines, false fact checking services, and unusual use of long discredited information on Trump still used in current stories.

If the liberal and former Main Street media continue their practices of bias and twisting the truth, ratings will continue to collapse, trust will reach rock bottom, and the once venerable American media will face extinction not from government censorship or assaults on the First Amendment, but a failure to meet the public need for truth.

Oblivion will be a self-imposed death sentence due to lack of interest on the part of the public.


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