Monday, December 26, 2016

For Readers Interested in the Fascinating History of St. Clements Island, Coltons Point, and Southern Maryland


Some of us cannot get enough of history, and we know the history we read is not complete, is biased, maybe fabricated, and often contains little resemblance to truth.  Actually most historians try but they have an outline or agenda that distorts the truth.

We at the Coltons Point Times have no vested interest in Southern Maryland history other than wanting it to be complete, factual, and not boring.

Thus, we have produced a series of fascinating stories about the prehistory and history of this quite sacred area, and where possible, have filled in the missing pieces from earlier works.

Submissions of the material to the St. Clements museum and other historians has failed to generate any response so you be the judge on whether our findings better explain our history.  Here are the stories published to date in the Coltons Point Times and links to them.

Southern Maryland and St. Clements Island History

Histories Mysteries - The Voyage of the Ark and the Dove

Histories Mysteries - The Landing at St. Clements Island in 1634

St. Clements Island and Manor - Four Centuries of Interrupted History

St. Clements Prehistory Part 1 Ame4rican Colonial History

St. Clements Prehistory Part 2 American Colonial History

Scenes from Coltons Point

The Miracle of St. Clements Island

Histories Mysteries - A Lighthearted View of the Pilgrims Progress in Coltons Point

CPT Monarch Factoid - King's Stuff Headlines

Histories Mysteries - The Story of John Wilkes Booth, the Black Diamond, and St. Clement's Island

Histories Mysteries - St. Clements Island - Coltons Point - and the mysterious 7th District in Maryland

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