Friday, April 01, 2016

April Fools Day - The end of the week long political assassination of Donald Trump


Trump might just be the first presidential candidate to make good on a campaign promise, and he is not even the party nominee yet.

The Donald promised to bring America together again, a pledge of unity most media observers found preposterous, yet here, on April 1, he seems to have achieved the impossible.

After a week of bizarre, almost surreal campaign stumbles, a week when millions of dollars in negative television ads have been emasculating Trump, virtually all of America following the presidential campaign united in condemning the words, performance, actions, and record of Trump.

The results were stunning as the Democratic and Republican candidates all condemned Donald, as did leaders of both political parties.  Even President Obama took to the media to tell fellow Americans Trump could not be their president.  Obama even assured the leaders from all over the world it was not possible, that Hillary Clinton would be president to continue his legacy.

The biggest Super PACs for both parties seemed coordinated in pumping millions of dollars into negative ads to savage and ravage the tattered remains of Donald.

Then there was the media, oh the media, including most of the major television and newspaper personalities, all were attacking every aspect of Trump's words and action like a pack of starving hyenas ripping a half-dead carcass to pieces.

Even more stunning was liberal and conservative, radical liberal and radical conservative joining forces to jump on the media dismemberment.  It seems everyone in America was waiting for instructions to rip Trump to shreds and protect America from even a threat of seeing him elected.

There was joy in Mudville, joy in Clintonville, and joy in Cruzville, as the election of Hillary seemed assured and the ascent of the Clinton family to American Royalty nears.

Most of all, there was joy on Wall Street and in the international banking community as they watch America unite in destroying Trump and thus assuring Goldman Sachs, on behalf of their benefactors in the Golden Palace of Gold, I mean God, knew all would be well again on Earth.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Once again the forces that be but should not be usurped the American public, hoodwinked the American media, and re-established the iron fist of control over the America political and economic engines that rule the world.

Only one can survive!

Safe was their hold on the world's wealth and safer their absolute control of the world's nations.

The Donald lay destroyed, his back broken, his mouth silenced, and his demons put to rest.  No one would believe him again nor listen to his crazy ideas that threatened the Establishment control of the nation and world.

Finally, their Chosen One for the Republican nomination was secure and Ted Cruz would coast to victory at the brokered convention against the broken spirit of Trump.  His wife and longtime employee and officer of Goldman Sachs deserved a substantial reward for her efforts.

As soon as the dust settled, they would be free to turn their attention to finishing off the old, Independent Jew from Vermont who was rattling cages in his efforts to expose the truth.  Never in a million years did they think he would seriously challenge their other Chosen One, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary was a long-term investment dating back to when Wild Bill was President.  Once again Goldman stepped in to pay off a lawsuit by one of his conquests, then pay off the millions for his impeachment defense.  As soon as he left office they began a campaign to give him over $100 million in net worth before Hillary ran in 2008 but she lost.

Fortunately, Goldman also had a very long-term investment in Barack Obama from before he ran for the U.S. Senate so his victory was a bonus.  If they can elect Hillary now, in 2016, Goldman will have owned presidents in 24 of 32 years since 1992.  The Ruling Oligarchy will be pleased.

So we say, goodbye Donald, go back to your playpen in the Manhattan Heavens.  The New World Order has silenced the people once again and proven the one consistent principle of domination, The New World Order is the Old World Order.

Thank you Chris Matthews for once again serving us well and you can count on more money for the congressional campaign for you wife.  We really hate to see our disciples get in trouble for illegal fundraising.

April Fools or not?

Odd, but I thought elections were of the people, by the people, and for the people...

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