Wednesday, April 20, 2016

American Elections 8 - Tips for International Followers - What do the Trump and Clinton victories in New York really mean?


So Donald Trump, after two bad weeks under assault by the Stop Trump movement and Ted Cruz, did not cave in, give up, or act like the petulant rich kid the news media believes he is.

First, he got mad, then, he started taking actions to be certain he did not repeat his or the campaign's mistakes.  He stayed loyal to his campaign manager when they charged him with assault and battery in Florida.  After extensive review, the Florida prosecutor dropped the case when it became obvious he was trying to protect Trump.

Trump also learned a valuable lesson; the media has far too much access to him, and use the access to try to get him defeated.  When Chris Matthews, MSNBC anchor and Hillary Clinton worshiper got him on his show he caused a whole lot of trouble by twisting Trumps comments on a hypothetical abortion situation.

Then Cruz won Wisconsin, stole a few delegates from Trump in a few minor states, and boldly preached he was the only hope for the Establishment to stop Trump.  There is something soulless about Ted Cruz and his win at all costs attitude.  Cruz, who at one time was public enemy number one to the Establishment he now claims to champion, is all over the place.

When you take the son of a preacher man, send him to Princeton and Harvard where he became an exceptional debater, I guess you expect a return on investment.  What did the media fail to tell you about the debate background of Cruz, debaters are trained masters at advocating and defending BOTH sides of every issue with equal passion and resolve.

In other words, you are a professional at speaking out of both sides of your mouth or you cannot be a Harvard Ivy League debater.  Cruz can point out without hesitation that he will double-cross any bridge thrown in front of his campaign when he encounters it, and do it with hot passion, cold facts, and an intellectual disregard for the lowly humans he so desperately wants to represent.

After getting Ted the most expensive education known to Mankind, he then jumped into politics where he met his wife to be, a rapid climber in the Wall Street and presidential political fields.  Thus the protective shroud of Goldman Sachs was bestowed on Ted who was bailed him out with a ONE MILLION dollar secret Goldman loan to his Texas Senate race when he ran out of money just before a run-off election.

Ted is just following in the footsteps of many predecessors in politics like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and Barack Obama to name a few, beholden to the Wall Street behemoths like Goldman Sachs and their brethren.

In addition to the "Establishment" which no one can define, add the news media to the Stop Trump movement as they have devoted thousands of television hours and millions of printed words trying to warn people of the dangers posed by a Trump presidency, and promoting any effort by anyone to dump Trump.

The media called him a clown, a joke, an idiot, and a loser before the campaign even started and as more and more people joined the Trump populist revolution, the media found themselves being defensive just like the Trump opponents.  One by one Trump destroyed his opposition, there were 17 candidates running for president.

The Stop Trump political hacks threatened with losing their highly paid place in the American political consultancy if Trump is successful, have spent tens of millions of dollars in attack ads paid for by the Establishment fighting the Trump juggernaut.

Then came NYC with Trump exploding past all prognosticators prognostications, whew, that was a mouthful, and he not only broke the 50% barrier but destroyed it by winning 61% to 25% for Kasich and 12% for Cruz.  Hillary Clinton walloped Bernie Sanders 58% to 42%.

In other words, the media experts were wrong, the political experts were wrong, even the opposing campaigns were wrong.

Then Trump demonstrated he has learned a lot and made changes to address his problems.  He hired new campaign aides, he has toned down the criticism, stopped using derogatory nicknames for his opponents, actually referred to Cruz as "Senator Cruz," and Trump only spoke for eight minutes in one of the shortest victory speeches of the campaign.

Oh yeah, he also increased his delegate lead to nearly 300 and greatly improved his chances of winning the GOP nomination before the GOP convention.

Watch for a rapidly changing campaign as the new Trump starts to shift into position to take on Hillary in the general election.  By the way, for all the Democrats and news media who claim Trump cannot win the presidential election because all women hate him, Trump won 57% of the women vote in the primary.

Hillary provided the knockout punch to Sanders but he has so far refused to fall to the canvas so stay tuned.  Sanders pushed Hillary into becoming the most liberal, progressive, and near socialist candidate to ever win the party candidacy.

Between her being the champion for minorities and illegal residents, the champion for social issues, and a left wing ideologue and demagogue, she has a long ways to shift to win the middle of the road public in the general election.

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