Thursday, April 21, 2016

CPT Spirits in the Sky - The Prince of Minnesota has Joined the Celestial Band


The World Lost a Priceless Gem Today - A Prince - Known for Legendary Music but a Man with a Spirit for Living and Life that Dwarfed his Musical Contributions

Of all the famous and iconic entertainers, we knew through the years, Prince, a kid not from LA or New York City but from the streets of Minneapolis - St. Paul is among the most mystical, mysterious, and least known of our many great "Spirits in the Sky."

For some time to come a deluge of books, music, television specials, documentaries, and little known facts will be offered to you telling you everything you would ever want to know about this quiet, almost shy, kid from the land of lakes, endless snowfall, and ice sculptures called the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ironically, Prince, who brought about a revolution in the music world, shared the same hometown with an earlier revolutionary who rattled the music world, one Bob Dylan.

Prince arrived on the music scene with a new fangled experiment called MTV on television and he was one visionary who knew exactly how to exploit this new method of communication with his mastery not just of the music, but the staging of the video as well.

Stories will tell you of his incredible achievements but perhaps his greatest achievement of all was his faith in God, his determination to follow the strict teachings of the Jehovah's Witness religion, and his silent calling to help everyone he could anonymously.

Unlike so many other successful singers and songwriters, Prince did not collect cars and girls but used his rags to riches success to build a business empire, once again not in the music capitals of LA or NYC but in the Twin Cities.  You see, he never forgot his roots.

Prince was the classic Renaissance man, hungry to know everything, to do everything, and to use his gifts to help people, most that never knew him nor knew he was helping them.  Countless times, he gave songs from his endless supply of creative genius to struggling artists, with no credit or recognition, part of the mysterious way he operated.

His religion forbids gifts, celebrations, or recognition that glorifies the individual and he stayed true to his belief.  Sometimes he seemed rather odd.  The few times he ever granted media interviews, he banned the use of tape recorders and forbid the interviewer to take notes.  Once an interviewer taped Prince and violated his agreement with Prince on how to use it, and since he allows no direct quotes.

Read about him, watch the videos, and learn his story.  He was a Vegan, did not eat meat, did not drink, smoke, or do drugs.  He wanted nothing more than to share his gifts with the people and use his gifts to help people.

We will miss many people in our lives and many people will disappear into the ether of the mystical and metaphysical when they die.  Very few people served time on Earth fulfilling their mission to the Creator.  Prince was one of those few.

You can bet there is a place among the Spirits in the Sky reserved for people like Prince.

His last words to his fans at his last concert this past week were, "If I could I would give you the world!"

You did, Prince, when the world gave you to us.


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