Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary - you sound more like Bill every day


Today The New York Times broke a story that Hillary Clinton, during her four years as Secretary of State, refused to use a government email and conducted all government and non-government business on a private email with no copies given to the government.

In response to a request from a congressional committee, the State department disclosed they had no record of her emails though eventually Hillary did send about 55,000 pages to the State Department.  Now the Obama administration, the State Department, and Hillary are scrambling to explain why Hillary is above the law that is followed by all other government officials.

Of course, the idiots in the administration are saying it is not their responsibility, the press should check with the agency.  Ironically, this is the second violation with the emails for the administration as the head of IRS lost all her emails in the midst of a corruption investigation.

The Obama people make it a point to say only emails to government agencies are covered but that is insane.  What about emails between Hillary and Goldman Sachs, the international bank that has consistently bailed out the Clintons with millions of dollars when they needed it.

Goldman arranged to pay off Bill Clinton's multi-million dollar legal fees to defend him from impeachment during the Monica Lewinsky era.  When Bill Clinton left office Goldman helped secure not only millions needed to pay off the legal debt, but they arranged for the most lucrative speaking fees in history with the Clintons getting over $250,000 for a single speech.

Now that the Clintons are worth over $100 million, and millions more are raised for their non-profit foundation from corporations and foreign entities, did she do anything while in office to ensure her financial future?  Ethics and morality have never been of much concern to the Clintons.

To deliberately avoid a paper trail for what one did in office raises a spectrum of possibility that all kinds of bad things could have taken place.  Of all people, Hillary knew better after all the lies and cover-ups that took place in her husband's White House.  She should turn over all emails, not just the ones she wants to turn over.

This is not the first time she has gotten in trouble with emails.  A hacker got into her private account and got emails about the Benghazi debacle she exchanged with political advisor Sidney Blumenthal.  It was RT News (Russia Today) who broke the story.

Ironically, the Russians know what our Secretary of State was doing when her own government and agency did not.  So what about the greatest hackers of all, the National Security Agency, they should have a file on all her private emails.  That is where we might find the truth.

Here are excerpts from a report CNN did on the Clinton's and their banking alliances.

Clinton Foundation tied to troubled banks
March 3, 2015

WASHINGTON (CNN) —Hillary Clinton's coziness with Wall Street has long given progressives pause on her potential presidential candidacy. But her family's foundation's ties to banks that have been under investigation for everything from interest rate manipulation scandals to breaking Iran sanctions could further deepen the trust gap between the Democratic front-runner and those who think banks would have too much say over her policies.

A CNN review of public event listings for the Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting found partnerships with at least six banks that were under investigation, involved in litigation or had been fined by government agencies and regulators at the time of the meeting.

In every case, the bank in question was listed as a sponsor of the event even after the investigations were widely reported in the media.

Of the array of sponsors, a few banks were perennial supporters, including British bank Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs and Germany's Deutsche Bank, all of which were listed as mid-level backers of the event every year from 2009 on. French bank Credit Agricole was a supporter of the event from 2009-2012.

British banking giant Barclays emerged as a "strategic partner" with CGI for its 2010 annual meeting, and gave the same level of support every year after that. In 2014, HSBC became the latest bank to get on-board with the event, signing on as a "convening sponsor," the highest level of support possible.

All of the banks have had pockmarked pasts --- and many were either under investigation or fined for breaking Iran sanctions, while Clinton was secretary of State.

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