Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring Equinox Fellow Earthlings


Today is the Spring Equinox beginning at 6:45 pm eastern time, one of the most ancient of all celebrations.

This morning a spectacular total eclipse of the Sun took place if you lived in Northern Europe and there will not be another like it for 27 years.

There is magic in the air as we move to spring, the season of birth or rebirth, the winter may have come to an end, spring officially begins, and if the weathermen do not get it right this time they will be banished from ever lying to us about the weather again.

Be kind to Druids today - they help protect Mother Earth from us, and be sure to hug an Oak tree, the most sacred of all trees.

If you are really enlightened, you can jump into the inter-dimensional portal, shift frequencies, and sail off into the universes.

Here are photos of people in England watching the solar eclipse.

Here are also photos of us in the 1950's with the same 3D glasses.

Has nothing changed in the past 60 years?  

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