Monday, March 02, 2015

Obamaville March 2, are you kidding me? The Ides of March run amuck!


Once upon a time, actually in the time of William Shakespeare, his words, "Beware the ides of March," served as a warning, a dramatic foreshadowing, for Julius Caesar who was killed off on that date according to Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.

Since the event happened in 44 BC, and Shakespeare wrote the play in 1599, we Americans, not into Old English and Shakespeare anymore, changed the meaning to be a forewarning of potential severe weather, as in beware the ides of March, in like a lion, and out like a lamb.

Well the bad weather seems to have come in February this year, perhaps we need to change the meaning of Shakespeare's warning once again.  I do not know about you, but just two days into March and the world seems to be engulfed in a dangerous malaise of bizarre news, events, and chaos.

For example, the Iraq army is attacking ISIS, the same Iraq troops who cut and ran the last time they met.

The charismatic leader of the Russian opposition to President Putin, Boris Nemtsov, was murdered just outside the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow the day before the biggest opposition protests against Putin in recent years.

The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ stock markets all set record highs this week and it is only Monday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington to address congress tomorrow.

Obama and his senior advisors refuse to meet with Netanyahu even though they are in the final stages of a deal with Iran, who is committed to the annihilation of Israel.

Terrorism continues to dominate headlines so congress and the president fail to agree on how to fund our only defense against the terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security.

Speaking of terrorists, the latest act of brutality by ISIS was the release of 19 Christian prisoners, which no one can figure out.

Putin continues to grab land from the Ukraine while the USA plays footsy with a bunch of bad guys around the Middle East.

In yet another act of terrorism, ISIS might have declared war on Twitter who is trying to stop the 90,000 Tweets a day from ISIS alone.

North Korea and their leader with the new haircut threaten to destroy the Stars and Stripes, namely America, probably because he cannot buy the movies he wants.

As America closes in on energy independence, congress approves the Keystone Pipeline but Obama vetoes the dastardly project.

Speaking of Obama, his buddy, the Reverend Al Sharpton, still has unlimited access to the White House even as he has failed to pay millions of dollars in taxes he owes the USA.

Then there is MSNBC, who finally realized their claims that Morning Joe was the top rated news show on cable are not only misleading, they are false.

MSNBC also has the Reverend Al Sharpton show, which has consistently lost ratings, and might just be the lowest rated news show on cable.  In the background, someone is investigating the Reverend to see if major corporate sponsors of his foundation are protected from racial protests because of their payments.

In sports NASCAR made a rules change that has enraged all the top drivers by disqualifying their cars.  This comes after completion of their first season under major new rules changes concerning the NASCAR driving championship.  Every major driver and the most winners on the NASCAR Sprint circuit failed to make the finals.

Disgraced NBC News anchor Brian Williams, thrown off the air because he thought he was a famous entertainer as well as news anchor, has opened the door to charges other news people on television have enhanced, stretched, or just plain lied about their experiences.  Really, we do not have a biased media do we?

To top off the 2nd day of March, the artist who painted an official portrait of President Clinton fessed up today and said he put the shadow of Monica Lewinsky in the portrait to show his disgust for Clinton's affairs.

More bizarre Clinton news, Hillary people say she will make her presidential announcement on April 1 so does that make it an April's fools joke?

The truth is, even though the Ides of March officially take place March 15, we have a great jump on it with the bizarre incidents listed.

Normalcy is non-existent.

Mediocrity is a distant dream.

News reporters are not supposed to be the news.

Our president claims to represent the two thirds of the public who refuse to vote.

No one cares.


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