Friday, March 27, 2015

Obamaville March 27 - Our Middle East policy - no more good guys, or bad guys - are we at war with ourselves?


It used to be we needed a scorecard to figure out what the Obama Administration was doing in the Middle East, as the policy seemed to be all over the place.

Obama milestones

We pulled out of Iraq

We sent troops back to Iraq - at least 10,000

We start massive bombing of ISIS positions in Iraq and Syria

We want Syrian President Assad overthrown

We help Assad fight ISIS terrorists

Iran is biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world

We negotiate with Iran to restrain their nuclear program

We help overthrow Libyan dictator

Libya destabilized thanks to us

Terrorists kill Americans in Libya

Jordan troops attack rebels in Libya

We pulled out of Afghanistan

More troops will remain in Afghanistan

We like Israel

We are reassessing our relationship with Israel

We might send arms to the Kurds fighting the ISIS terrorists

Iran sends troops to help fight ISIS in Iraq

We bomb ISIS targets around Iranian troops in Iraq

Coalition troops in Iraq refuse to fight if US continues to bomb Iraq

Obama likes our position in Yemen

Yemen throws out the US from Yemen

Saudi Arabia announces war with Yemen rebels

100 fighter jets and 150,000 troops committed by Saudis

Sunni and Shi'a sects under Islam bitter enemies throughout Middle East

Russia holds key to working with Iran

Obama condemns Russia and imposes sanctions

Up to 10% of Arab population is Christian Arab

US does nothing to help Christian Arabs

Israel is only real ally of US in Middle East

Israeli PM Netanyahu travels to China and Russia to hedge bets

In politics, there is an old saying that we will double cross that bridge when we get to it.  Our current foreign policy in the Middle East has mastered the theory of double-crossing our opponents and allies alike.

Now it seems we have gotten to the point that our strange alliances and initiatives have pushed us into a war with ourselves in our efforts to appease every faction in the Middle East.

Beyond that, is there anyone on earth who trusts the word of the Obama Administration or believes we will stand behind what we say?

Sometimes the bizarre foreign policy of the Obama Administration seems to have come from an Ouija board gone mad.

Will it ever end?

Is this really the legacy we should leave the world?

We should be ashamed!

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