Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letterman Cannot Stop Sucking Up To Obama - Trashes Palin

This week acerbic-tongued Letterman once again demonstrated he can be the liberal mouthpiece and hack for Obama by trashing Sarah Palin in his monologue and Top Ten List for reasons that defy explanation. His raw sexual innuendos about Palin and raunchy jokes about how her 14 year old daughter got "knocked up" defy reason and good taste and demonstrate that as a lackey for Obama he is doing him no good.

Maybe he has been told to finish the hatchet job on Palin that he started during the campaign because after all the smear tactics of the liberal left media Palin remains more popular than ever. And with oil prices having more than doubled since Obama was elected and refused to authorize more domestic oil drilling, his popularity has been taking a fast track down.

Letterman was always the tool of the leftists with his tirades against McCain and Palin but this time he went far beyond his worst performances to date. Perhaps it was because this was the first week that Conan O'Brien took over the far more popular Tonight Show making Letterman a two-time loser to Leno and O'Brien as the King of Late Night TV.

Letterman has been known to have an acid tongue and he even apologized to Paris Hilton for raging about her jail time, but then Paris was an Obama supporter and she is a millionaire, two requirements to be friends with good old Dave.

Well Letterman has been a distant second to NBC's Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and now Conan O'Brien so maybe it is time CBS retire the old man before be gets them in lawsuits.

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