Monday, June 29, 2009

Madoff "Extraordinarily Evil" Says Judge - 150 Years In Jail

Bernie Madoff, the former darling of Wall Street, Palm Beach and the Hamptons got the book thrown at him today when the Judge ordered a 150 year sentence for fraud as nearly $15 billion was stolen from thousands of unsuspecting investors and their pension funds.

In passing sentence the Judge called Madoff "Extraordinarily Evil" when sentencing him with each year being equal to about $100 million he stole. His failure to help authorities investigating the crime and silence about the action of his wife and kids who were employed by his corrupt firm did not help him.

In fact his wife just agreed to turn over about $88 million to the prosecuting team, a sample of what might still be out there. For more information contact any of the media as they have nothing better to do than to cover old Bernie.

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