Monday, June 22, 2009

Mohammad - Iranian Student - Do not Abandon Us In Iran

Barack Hussein Obama - Are You Listening to the People

This morning, Monday, a young Iranian was interviewed by CNN and he pleaded that President Obama please do not abandon the hundreds of thousands of Iranians risking their lives to bring about human rights and democratic reforms in Iran. Like the young woman Neda, murdered in the protests, he is one of the silent majority in Iran who have had enough.

As the President of the world leader in promoting Democracy, Obama has shown no more than a casual interest in the plight of the Iranian people whose protests since their fraudulent election has rattled the very foundation of the Islamic leadership that has kept the people in a state of captivity and second class citizenship since the 1979 Iranian revolution.

First Obama said it didn't matter who won the election, a slap in the face of the people risking their lives for democratic reforms and human rights. Then realizing he was wrong, he tried to paper over the earlier stand by saying the Iranian government should not use violence to stop the protesting. The unlawful government of Iran has been using violence and the abuse of human rights for 30 years against their own citizens yet he didn't even condemn it.

Wake up Obama. Are you willing to let thousands of young freedom fighters be slaughtered because you intend to pursue diplomacy with a ruthless regime? Ever since Obama took office Iran and North Korea have flaunted their violations of human rights, increased the suppression of their citizens, and laughed at the international calls for reform. Why do the Iranian freedom fighters have to burn an effigy of the President to get his attention?

While Obama twiddles his thumbs both Iran and North Korea have been on a fast track to complete the development of nuclear arms, rockets, and spawned hatred throughout the Middle East. Obama's goal of accommodation has encouraged threats to world peace throughout the world. He still thinks he can sit down and negotiate with soul less despots who place no value on human rights and dignity. When a cancer permeates a government it is time to replace the government and to back the people fighting the government.

Media reports indicate that even his Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are opposed to the inertia in the Administration concerning the freedom fighters in Iran. If he doesn't listen to his top advisors who is he listening to?

The lowly student risking his life in Iran has a simple idea to stop the oppressive regime, stop the flow of foreign gasoline that is fueling the Iranian war machine. He is willing to risk more harm to the people by stopping the flow of gasoline because freedom is worth the sacrifice. The gasoline is what keeps the development of the nuclear bombs underway and the military suppression of the people.

Where is the leadership of the free world Obama promised? Why does he continue to ignore the threats against the world and the violence against the people in Iran by a corrupt and suppressive regime? Why can't he hear the call for help from the hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters, mostly the young and future generation of the Middle East, to please not abandon us in our struggle?

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