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Take Me Now God! - Excerpt #1

[Authors note: For those of you following this story I have tried to simplify it. If you just started there is a series of excerpts and if you want to start at the beginning just copy and paste the following links. Note that this release is now Excerpt #1 as it was the preface but left out of the earlier releases. Have fun with the preface which is titled the Postmortem.

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Excerpt #1`

[Title Page]

(An Unauthorized Autobiography)

Copyright 2009 jiM PuTnaM

This book, as with everything about the life of said author, is a work of fiction and fantasy. All names, characters, entities, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or even persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Christians, cults and pagans alike should seriously consider the efficacy of perusing this work without first performing traditional ceremonies of exorcism for purification purposes.


If you are reading this journal then I’m probably dead. She killed me. I can tell you that much. Maybe not by poisoning, or a gun, or anything that easy to determine. No, I was a victim of psychic warfare. Tried to match wits. She chose better weapons.

I asked for it. Take me now God! Sometimes we should think twice before shooting off the mouth. One flippant thought and I’m gone. Poof. Never doubt you’re ability to materialize your illusions. I did. Now only the illusion is left. I’m not.

But you have this journal in your hands. That is my legacy. Someone had to tell the truth. Consider it my exit report on this, my final incarnation number 1,979. One can only hope this is the last. I’m such an old soul.

There’s a chance I have to come back, at least to clean up a few loose ends. My brother says if we miss the ascension this time, we start over again. He thinks I’ll be a rock for a few million years. Plenty of time to rest. He better hope I come back as a rock. Otherwise I’m coming back to tell the truth about him.

I’m kidding. He’s just another victim of genetic manipulation. Our family gene pool was contaminated 450 years ago. Probably came from cross breeding with aliens, or maybe Protestants. Extinction would be good for the world. A necessary step in the Purification. Maybe the family can come back as a rock group.

I do need to stop back and say hi to Fannee. Witnesses don’t believe in reincarnation. Is she going to be surprised when the rock she steps on screams “ouch”. Of course I’ll have to tell her about her Red Daughter and the Gay Lord so she knows it’s me. Don’t want her to think she’s talking to just any old rock. Let the elders try and explain that.

No need to convince my mom. She’s been talking to dead people all her life. Ever wonder what happens if you fall down during the quickening? Do you slip through the dimensional seam into a parallel universe? Probably. We lost her in one of those about a hundred years ago. Have no idea who took her place.

It’s not easy, preparing oneself to be taken by God. Lot of things to deal with. You can find the blueprint in this journal. Stuff to dispose. Thoughts to preserve. Things I know one might find useful. If nothing else, something to confuse future generations who might find this and try to make sense of our present civilization.

Words are my old friends. This is their finest hour. Outliving the author. In the beginning was the Word, and no one listened. Maybe they will now. The messengers have come and the ancient prophecies are being fulfilled. I have entered the enchanted forest at the place where this is no path. Found the end of the circle. A history before history where no beginning is, and no end will be.

In hoc signo vinci
(In this sign I conquer)

My sign is the printed word, the flaming sword of the Archangel Michael. In the end, words will conquer all.


ReMeMbEr tHe ChiLDreN

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