Friday, February 10, 2017

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump from the People


Dear President Trump

Unlike the news media, other politicians, and the far left wing of the progressive and liberal perspectives, I am a citizen of these United States first, and foremost.  Long ago, the two political parties stopped caring for me and began protecting their own special interests.

It is for that reason only that many American citizens decided they had enough of the media, the politicians, and the political parties.  Some were Democrats, some Republicans, and many Independents and we all shared a common concern for our nation.

You see, we believe the Constitution is a very sacred document and we believe Divine Providence guided our Fore Fathers in the drafting and adoption of this unique masterpiece.  This incredible Constitution is what makes America the shining light on the hillside beckoning the masses from throughout the world to our shores.

Peace, equality, individual freedom, and sacred rights are identified and protected by our Constitution, and citizens of our country are chosen to be representatives in order to continue to protect this sacred document.

You are the most recent one chosen by the people.  It was a most unusual election and the degree of polarization shocked even the most cynical of us.  There is great risk entrusting the most powerful and enduring nation in the world to one who has never known the pressures of holding an elected office.

Many doubt your ability to adjust to such a new reality and many more intend to make it so difficult for you they hope to drive you from office in a fit of anger.  The news media seems to think they have all the answers and are intent on proving you do not.

All of that is politics as usual.  Yet in the course of conducting politics as usual, whether it be you, the Democrats, the liberal news media, or us plain old citizens, you are our president and we are the people who elected you and empowered you to be the caretaker of our needs.

No one expects miracles and we all know you face many difficulties as you attempt to transition from working solely for your self and your interests, to working for a Board of Directors of 330 million people with a multitude of diverse needs.

You and your staff did not acquire the United States government for your own purposes, you have been entrusted by the people with our government.  Along with that entrusting, are some rights and responsibilities we expect of you.

Make certain every one in your organization understands they work for us. Running the United States government on behalf of the people, all the people, is a sacred trust in itself. It means being honest with us, being honest with yourself, and helping all people understand the meaning and purpose of your actions.

There is no room for, nor need for exaggeration, deception, misdirection, or outright fibs.  Treat all people with respect if you are to expect respect in return.  Be humble, you speak for us, and be thorough in managing the affairs of state.

You preside over the most powerful force in the world, the US government, and everything you do will reverberate throughout the world.  Understand the actions and consequences.

The election is over, you are the president, there is no need to obsess over polls or remind us of the path you took to victory.  Enough Mr. President, you are the president.

We want you to be our agent of change.  We want you to shake up the system and rattle the Establishment to remind them they have forgotten about the real America.  Any improvement in relations around the world would be nice as well.

No president in our history has such a free hand to bring about change.  You are the first.  Use that gift for good, not to demonize people, or make others look bad.  Those who fail to serve the public interest need no help in self-destructing.

All new Administrations make many mistakes when they first take office. Yours will be no different.  In fact, when so many of your inner circle have no prior experience in government, we understand the stupid mistakes already made by your people.

We will not hold that against you if you take responsibility for their stupidity and put an end to the mistakes.  Defending people prone to error is a big error in itself.

There is not a soul in America who does not expect you to make mistakes but most Americans can accept mistakes when they are acknowledged and when they stop being made.

If you take seriously the trust we have demonstrated in electing you, you will then be able to give us the vision of the future we need, the hope we have so long desired, and the trust in our elected officials necessary for a brighter tomorrow.

Is that too much to ask of an Ivy Leaguer who became president, a successful businessman who knows how to make money, or a disrupter who can turn the Washington Establishment on its head?

Just think of what Abraham Lincoln had to experience to become president without all the qualifications you bring, and then save a nation from Civil War.  You walk a mile in his shoes and we will have the president we hope to see.


The People

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