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The Oscar Recap - Oscar Blew it! - Coltons Point Times picks 17 of 24 winners! Oops Fake News just changed the Movie of the Year - the Games continue!


In case you missed the Big Show the Coltons Point Times picked 17 of the 24 winners of the 89th Academy Awards.  I thought a 71% winning record was pretty good but after the La La Land crew went on stage and accepted the Best Picture Oscar the Academy belatedly interrupted the celebration by La La Land people and said La La Land did not win, but Moonlight won.

Was the Academy getting into the Fake News game with the wrong winner being announced, and did it have anything to do with the attacks on the Academy before last years Oscars of ignoring minorities?  While Moonlight was certainly good, there is something very suspicious about this kind of a major blunder in one of the most watched shows of the year and the most respected award show in the past.

Maybe it is time to drop the award shows since they all seem to be embroiled in politics and have lost their way as an entertainment medium.  I do not know of anyone who pays to see shows because of the politics of the actors and actresses and they seem to think being on the big screen acting gives them the right to act like the news media.

The choice between the two shows boiled down to Moonlight, a movie about growing up poor, Black and gay, or La La Land, "a musical with big numbers, intimate reveries and adult feelings, “La La Land” is a boy-meets-girl tale with early 21st-century rhythms (mostly good, even if its white stars are nestled, more self-consciously than naturally, in a multicultural world)" as Manohla Dargisn of The New York Times described it.

Box Office Receipts - La La Land $141 million - Moonlight $22.2 million

How about we let the public decide?  La La Land has earned nearly $141 million in domestic box office sales to date while Moonlight has earned $22.2 million.  I guess having six and a half times more receipts means nothing in terms of movie popularity.

Maybe Fake News is now here to stay and polarizing politics will destroy the movie industry as it did the news industry.  In the end it is the American public being played and that is not right!  Here is what other media had to say about the Oscar disaster.

Oscars Blows It: Gives Best Picture To Wrong Film; Chaos On Stage As ‘Moonlight’ Wins

16 minutes ago | Deadline | See recent Deadline news »
Moonlight won Best Picture after a complete mix-up on the stage in which Faye Dunaway read the wrong winner. It was thought that La La Land won to walk away with seven wins from its record-tying 14 nominations and producers Jordan Horowitz and Marc Platt even gave acceptance speeches before the mistake was discovered. It was a major upset for the top award of the night. Moonlight had gathered two awards — Best Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali and Adapted Screenplay and… »
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Newswire: What the hell just happened?

19 minutes ago | | See recent The AV Club news »
The Oscars made history tonight, though not exactly the kind of history it wanted to make. As Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway came out to present Best Picture, Beatty opened the envelope and took a lengthy pause before reading the winner—a pause that many, including Dunaway, took for some kind of tension-building/feeble old man shtick. And when he read the winner as La La Land, no one believed anything was amiss. Of course it was La La Land. This whole awards season, the narrative has been La La Land’s inevitable victory. And so, as the producers, cast, and crew came on stage to begin their well-rehearsed acceptance speeches, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
But then Warren Beatty popped back in—always with the Warren Beatty—and suddenly it was evident something had gone very wrong.
“This is not a joke,” said producer Jordan Horowitz. “Moonlight, you »
- Sean O'Neal
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Oscars 2017 live: Beatty and Dunaway announce wrong best picture winner for La La Land – Moonlight wins

Follow the latest news from this year’s Academy Awards, with updates from the Hollywood ceremony, the acceptance speeches, red carpet hits and misses, and awards announcements for the best films, actors and actresses
Oscar winners 2017: the full list
Oscars red carpet 2017 – in pictures
5.28am GMT
Related: Moonlight wins best picture Oscar – after Warren Beatty reads out La La Land
5.27am GMT
As fantastic as it was to see Moonlight win, those poor La La Land guys who found out mid-speech that the win wasn’t theirs. They’re still dealing with that:
Heads are gonna roll. You couldn't have a worse possible f-up if you tried. Team Lll still consoling each other in theater.
Continue reading »
- Benjamin Lee, Hannah Marriott and Ellie Violet Bramley
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Oscars 2017: The 21 Best, Worst and Most Uncomfortable Moments

23 minutes ago | | See recent news »
Denzel Washington officiating a wedding. Seth Rogen breaking into an impromptu Hamilton performance. Oh, and La La Land incorrectly being named Best Picture. Those were just a few of the truly bizarre things that took place at the 89th Annual Academy Awards.
VideosOscars: Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Trump, Mel Gibson in Monologue — Grade It!
Late-night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel managed to do a decent job as Oscars host — which, if you haven’t repressed all memories of James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s 2011 hosting stint, you’ll know is no small feat. Sure, we could’ve done without his tired banter with frenemy Matt Damon, »
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'Moonlight' wins best picture at dramatic Oscars 2017

In a shock finale to Sunday’s 89th Academy Awards, the drama was named best picture moments after La La Landhad been declared the winner in error.


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