Monday, November 14, 2016

An Election Analysis by Actual People - Not Politicians, Pollsters, Press, or Pundits - Part 2


One of the pleasures of publishing the Coltons Point Times is the opportunity to share with you the comments of my readers, the everyday persons working to survive and filling their life with everything they love.  A series of post-election analysis will be offered from contributing writers sharing their thoughts on the election.

They are not seasoned journalists but they are dedicated, patriotic Americans.  At times it is refreshing to hear honest observations rather than biased news so do not expect to hear from any professional politicians, pollsters, press, or pundits.

I want to thank the contributing writers and hope we can all learn more about each other if we will just take the time to read.

This Contributing Author post is hosted on the Coltons Point Times.  Contributor authors control their own work and the views do not reflect those of the Coltons Point Times.  If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email in the comment section.

A Personal Analysis of Donald J Trump, 45th President Elect of the United States of America

By Mary Patricia Jones
(Walsh High School Class of ’63)

Many months ago, an unlikely businessperson announced his candidacy for President.  After leaving 15 other candidates in the dust, he became the nominee of his party.  Pitted against a seasoned female politician, after months of campaigning and three debates, Donald J. Trump emerged to become the 45th President-Elect of the United States of America.
He has a vision; something every real leader possesses.  His platform involved the people.  A platform, which focused on the economy, security of the people, jobs for the people, and an improved infrastructure for the country, among other things.  After 7 ½ years of burdensome rules and regulations that took our faith in the government to its lowest point, Trump gave us a sliver of hope that his platform might work.

He brought the people into his campaign; he supported the people because he cares for the future of the people.  He wants the people to have the same chances he had; the chances that gave him the opportunities to become the person he is today – a very successful executive, a businessperson who owns his own company. a man, who, when he failed, picked himself up and continued trying.
His style, while not politically correct and disliked by many, involved telling the people the truth. And he will continue to tell “we the people” the truth. Truth can be blunt; it can be hurtful. But with truth comes solutions. Donald Trump will help the country find the right solutions so the country can continue to succeed. We will pick ourselves up from past mistakes and try again. We can do this. We are Americans and we will continue our “can-do” attitude.
He will work with everyone even those he disagrees with.  He did write “The Art of the Deal”!  He knows how to work with others because he wants the best for the people so we can grow and make our future better, just as he did with his business and employees.  Trump’s win is like opening a door.  You are not sure what is on the other side, but you open it anyway.  You take a chance.  For only by taking a chance will things ever have an opportunity to change.  This was an election of change, and change it will.  From a Democratic President in 2008 with a Democratic congress for his first 2 years, to a Republican President with a Republican Congress, America is in for “one hell of a ride” come January 20, 2017.

About the Author: A self-employed, small businessperson for 27 years, ready for retirement but cannot due to current rules and regulations.  Educated in the 50’s and 60’s when life was not as complicated or politically correct, living when it was safe to walk a mile to school, or be out after dark with no fear of harm.  She wants everything for her children and grandchildren, she had as a child - safety, and prosperity.

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