Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Why is President Obama the only Democrat on Earth Defending the FBI Director?


Can FBI Bombshell morph into Nuclear Explosion if Clinton is Guilty?

One of the enduring mysteries of the first weekend of the FBI presidential election bombshell is the reaction of those with most to gain or lose as a result.

Democrats, after getting over the initial shock, have turned on FBI Director James Comey en masse with only one exception to date.  On the Republican side, there is a split reaction with most applauding the action by the FBI Director while a few from the anti-Trump holdouts claim it was not fair to Clinton.

As for the campaigns, the Clinton campaign is desperately trying to turn attention to Trump's character and away from the email mess, while Trump continues to rise in the polls.

The most mysterious reaction of all comes from the most likely of sources, President Obama.  Why is Obama, who is known as the most partisan retiring president in modern history, the only prominent Democrat to defend FBI Director Comey?

At the White House news briefing yesterday, Monday, Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he would "neither defend or criticize" the actions of the FBI Director, a sound byte jumped on by the media.

He also said President Obama did not believe the FBI Director was "meddling" in the presidential election as all other Democrats claim including Clinton.

Then Earnest went on to say Obama believed the FBI Director "is a man of integrity, a man of principle, and a man of good character."

The great mystery, why is the President the only Democrat on Earth praising the FBI Director in the face of a massive avalanche of criticism by fellow Democrats?

The action is odd, highly out of character for a president who never hesitates to jump into a political fray, and with the presidential election on the line it does not help the Clinton candidacy.

Perhaps it is a result of the Clinton campaign pivot away from the Barack Obama legacy after running on his record for most of the campaign.  Ever the opportunist, Hillary Clinton has become increasingly critical of the Obama legacy as the campaign reaches its conclusion from Obamacare to foreign policy.

Could it be Obama senses Clinton will abandon his legacy once elected, as Bill Clinton abandoned the Democratic party platform after being elected in 1992?

Or, and this is an equally ominous conclusion, could it be he knows that FBI Director Comey would not take such drastic and controversial action if there was not sufficient reason to do so, in which case the FBI bombshell could morph into a nuclear explosion if Clinton or her staff violated the laws.

We shall soon find out the truth.


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