Monday, November 14, 2016

An Election Analysis by Actual People - Not Politicians, Pollsters, Press, or Pundits - Part 4


One of the pleasures of publishing the Coltons Point Times is the opportunity to share with you the comments of my readers, the everyday persons working to survive and filling their life with everything they love.  A series of post-election analysis will be offered from contributing writers sharing their thoughts on the election.

They are not seasoned journalists but they are dedicated, patriotic Americans.  At times it is refreshing to hear honest observations rather than biased news so do not expect to hear from any professional politicians, pollsters, press, or pundits.

I want to thank the contributing writers and hope we can all learn more about each other if we will just take the time to read.

This Contributing Author post is hosted on the Coltons Point Times.  Contributor authors control their own work and the views do not reflect those of the Coltons Point Times.  If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email in the comment section.

Just Relax and Feel Good About the Future

By Ed O'Connor
November 14, 2016

I have been thinking about my impressions and thoughts after the election. Today it hit me while smoking a cigar on my back patio. I realized I was no longer worrying about what kind of second amendment attack will the Federal Government unleash tomorrow.

Nor was I worried about what person they try to put on the Supreme Court, what kind of regulations are they try to implement to stop Fracking here in Colorado, or what we do about boarder security.

Perhaps somebody will stand up and tell some of these foreign leaders where to go and not mince words.  Lastly, John Bolton may get the position he truly deserves.

Now it is the progressives turn to worry about all of this stuff.  I finally felt there was peace at last in my mind. Maybe it will not last, but it sure felt good this evening.

I guess this pretty much sums up how I have felt this last few days. I was not looking forward to the future prior to the election as I felt I knew what road Clinton was going to take us down.

Now the road seems wide open like the front range out here in the Colorado foothills. I only pray Donald Trump makes some bold moves and gets us rolling down that open road.

Maybe it is this sense of relief I feel that I can just relax and feel good about the future.

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