Monday, June 06, 2016

What if Trump is a Stalking Horse for the Clintons?


Since this has become the most bizarre campaign in the history of American politics, we still have not had the party conventions to officially nominate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,  and we still have five months before the campaign is over, why not inject yet another explanation for what is happening.

Consider this, Trump, by his own claim, was a top student in his Ivy League class at the Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.  If true it is impressive.  For his entire life Trump has been keeping company with the movers and shakers.  His business empire is dedicated to providing the rich with the best toys possible for this elite class.

In the course of this presidential campaign Trump has defied the experts, befuddled the press, and toyed with the politicians time and again while coming out of nowhere and powering himself to the Republican nomination.  In the process he has left everything involved in politics a shambles.

Now that he locked up the nomination, he seems to have gone way off the deep end in the most self-destructive campaign in history in recent weeks.  Everything he has been saying since locking up the nomination contradicts everything he said would happen when he got the nomination.
For a time the Trump antic of misdirecting the media was fun to watch since the general public distrusts the news media more than congress, Trump, or Clinton. But things have changed.  His actions now seem intent on destroying his chances of ever winning the general election, now that he has won the primary season and clinched the nomination.
The daughters are buddies as well.
If I were a good Glenn Beck type of conspirator I would suspect what is happening was planned all along.  Since we know the Clintons and Trumps were a lot closer than either party wants to admit, what if they long ago plotted to help Trump get the Republican nomination and he, in turn, would deliberately sabotage his chances of getting elected to assure Hillary would be the next president.
Remember, it was well known Hillary had some serious problems with emails and trust and the typical Clinton modis operandi.  Her negatives would reach all time highs or lows, however you look at them, before the campaign was over, so how about get Trump to  seize the GOP nomination as an insurance policy.  His actions to undermine his own success seem to indicate he never wanted to be president, just control the presidency.

If so, this is truly the greatest scam in history in which all American voters have been had, taken for a ride, and had their pockets picked.  Hillary will be the next president whether she is indicted or not and Trump will have unlimited access to the White House without having the overbearing *to him" responsibility of being   president.

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