Monday, June 06, 2016

Morning Joe Meltdown - MSNBC Hosts Choke on own Egos


It has been clear lately that the Morning Joe program is suffering from egotistical constipation as the two hosts, Joe and Mika, fight with each other and then shower each other with incredible foresight and honor for being first on the air to call the 2016 election.  This is when they are not hyping the books they have written, the band Joe plays in, or the books by Mika's family.

Well I have been watching since day one and the only person who stretches the truth more than Donald Trump are the MSNBC egos on air.  Their fortunes are dependent on sucking up to Trump to spike ratings for the show and they have consistently upset the Donald with their gratuitous and unsolicited advice, thus jeopardizing their access to the Donald.

Morning Joe, the token Republican on the show, and token may also be an a exaggeration, has taken to pontificating to Donald the few times Trump has called in, when in fact Joe's only interest is self-promotion. His claim to fame was being a congressman in the late 1990's.

His GOP credentials come from being elected to congress in 1994 and winning four consecutive elections, the last in 2000.  Shortly thereafter he mysteriously resigned from congress in 2001.  This was around the time of rumors of infidelity and his sudden divorce.  Then a married staff member was found dead in his District Office.

Scarborough claims credit for balancing the budget in the late 1990's and of championing New Federalism in congress.  In truth the Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton negotiated the budget balancing although the National Deficit continued to increase at the time.

As for the New Federalism claim, I was part of a Presidential New Federalism task force The New York Times called the most extensive reorganization of the federal government since Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.  We worked in the Nixon White House between 1972 and 1974 and we did pass a massive number of New Federalism initiatives that stand alone to this day as the greatest decentralization of the federal government in history.

Sorry Joe, your claim was an exaggeration as well.

Well after Joe last lectured Donald, Trump has refused to call in to the show thus undermining the ratings for a show long suffering from tepid ratings.  As MSNBC has continued to reorganize the network to be more fair and balanced, the shows have continued their dismal runs in last place in cable news programs and the strain on the Morning Joe hosts is clear.

This week Mika and Joe have gone off the deep end stating over and over how they and they alone called the election, forecast Trump's success,  and are the greatest political pundits on  earth I guess.  The level of insecurity oozing from them was painful to watch.  Everyone knows they are egomaniacs, they tend to constantly overemphasize their importance, knowledge, and status, and that they are firmly in last place in the cable ratings.

Need I say more?

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