Friday, January 08, 2016

New MSNBC same old Skullduggery - Manufacturing the News Liberals Love - Part 1.


Trump is first GOP candidate to take his case to Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders.

Nothing can tell the story of the media manipulation of the American public better than the recent reorganization of MSNBC to become less liberal and offer more balanced news coverage.  Yes, they did get rid of a bunch of people whose brand of liberalism drove the viewers away.  Still, they kept too many who are clearly frustrated by the new direction of the cable channel.

So, my next three stories are examples of why MSNBC failed to become anywhere close to fair and balanced in their coverage of the presidential election.  Now bear in mind that to the new bean counters at MSNBC, ratings mean everything and the grossly liberal views were driving the network into oblivion.

So they restructured sending flaming liberals to the scrapheap and trying to tone down those remaining.  Unfortunately, those remaining are finding it impossible to even approach a standard of fair and balanced as their hatred of Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular has made them do things beyond unethical, beyond belief, and beyond any journalistic standards ever used in American television.

Tonight Trump was speaking in Bernie Sanders hometown of Burlington, Vermont.  The first part of his speech aired during the Chris Matthews Hardball show and in uncharacteristic fashion host Matthews let the viewers watch Trump.  Of course just a couple of days ago Mathews landed what he said might be the best interview in his life when he had a sit down with Hillary Clinton, but that is the next story.

The second part of the Trump rally was during the Chris Hayes show and he made a shambles of journalistic ethics.  First, he (MSNBC) staged a Bernie Sanders rally in a bar down the street from Trump filled with Sanders supporters.  This was no focus group, it was a rally to trash Trump.

Then his producers apparently decided to do a split screen showing Trump talking while the noise of the Sanders bar crowd and a video of them trashing Trump was shown to the nation.  There was no effort by Hayes to identify the protestors and noise came from a staged event in the bar, not from the Trump rally.

Those few protestors at the rally were quickly thrown out by Trump while MSNBC aired footage of the disrupters being tossed and a crowd of anti-Trump protestors cheering as they left the building.  A staged event by the media, a split screen with no identification that they were two separate events, and total bias in the reporting by Hayes and company, is a sad commentary on today's media.

Ironically, MSNBC was covering Trump at the same time Obama was doing a gun control town hall on CNN and it will be interesting to see who won the ratings war.  Of course the liberal tilting CNN and liberal dominated MSNBC are fighting it out for last place in the ratings race.

Is it any wonder that the fires of polarization, partisanship, and gross hatred are fanned by the very liberal progressive media who suddenly figured out what the American voters has known for some time.  Trump is a real threat to the progressive movement of the Obama administration, and Trump is exposing all the hypocritical ways the Democratic party has conned and conjured the Democratic base into blind submission.

See the next article for Part 2 of the MSNBC debacle when attempting to become a legitimate news service.

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