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Cruz now America's Chameleon - Fooling Conservatives while being Goldman Sachs new Boy


Falling into the Spider's Web of Wall Street - a True Cruz Emerges

Our Karma Chameleon

I knew very little about GOP candidate Ted Cruz but something just never seemed quite right.  The story was good, the son of Cuban immigrants exploded on the national scene when he first won a brutal battle in the Texas Republican primary for U.S. Senate in 2012.

He took on the establishment Republican and Lieutenant Governor of Texas at the time, David Dewhurst, shocking Texas, and the nation's political pundits.  Not only was I surprised at the outcome but the winner was certain to be the next Senator from Texas.  Dewhurst was expected to win but Cruz made a last minute surge which confused me as it was clear Cruz could not have unlimited financial resources himself to pay for such a surge.

Though I live far from Texas, I have always maintained an interest in the Lone Star state because I went to Texas every year growing up to see my grandparents and cousins.  They lived all the way down in Mission, right next to McAllen and near Brownsville, on the bottom of the state in the Rio Grande valley across the river from Reynosa, Mexico.

Then there was my interest and love for Buddy Holly, the Texan native who might have been one of the greatest legends of rock 'n roll had he not died in a plane wreck in my home state, Iowa.

Finally, there was the fact David Dewhurst, the guy Cruz beat, was a fraternity brother of mine at the University of Arizona, a fellow member of the Wildcats basketball team, and a pledge class brother.  David came from mighty fine stock, as they say in Texas, and was Texas tough.  So tough, in fact, he not only became Lieutenant Governor after school but he was in the CIA and was a world champion cowboy, he was a team roper and rides cutting horses, so how could he possibly lose to a relative unknown?

Cruz beat him on a last minute surge for that 2012 Senate seat.  Now we know why.

Late in the campaign, Cruz and his wife secured loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank for $1 million.  Did I mention he forgot to report it on his Federal campaign reports, a violation of federal campaign laws?  Did I mention he forgot to mention in his biography for the senate race and now the presidential race that his wife worked for Goldman Sachs for twelve years, and was a director in the company.

Here is how Cruz tried to explain the federal law violations to the Associated Press.


J Pat Carter, AP

Sen. Ted Cruz says that his failure to properly disclose a low-interest loan he received from his wife's employer, Goldman Sachs, for his 2012 Senate campaign amounts to an 
"inadvertent filing error."

Questions about the loan came up as Cruz was on the presidential campaign trail in Dorchester, South Carolina. While he was talking to voters there, the New York Times published a report revealing that Cruz received low-interest loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank, for as much as $1 million total, while he was running to represent Texas in the Senate. He did not, however, report the loans to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), as required.

When asked about the unreported loans on Wednesday, Cruz told reporters that he and his wife Heidi Cruz funded his 2012 campaign with a combination of savings, sold assets and borrowing against their brokerage account.

"We had a brokerage account that has a standard margin loan like any brokerage account has, and we borrowed against the stocks and assets that we had under ordinary terms," he said. "And so those loans had been disclosed over and over and over again on multiple filings. If it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the FEC requires, then we'll amend the filings, but all of the information has been public and transparent for many years."

When pressed on the matter, Cruz added, "Our finances are not complicated. We put in the entirety of our savings, we did so through a combination of savings accounts and selling assets and taking a margin loan against other assets, and those facts are clear and transparent. And a technical and inadvertent filing error does not change that at all."
Cruz was an insurgent candidate in 2012, who with the support of anti-Wall Street tea partiers, beat the GOP establishment's Senate pick, then-Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in the Republican primary.

Heidi Cruz is currently on leave from her position as a Goldman Sachs executive to help with her husband's presidential campaign.


There is nothing transparent about his transactions, and if you knew the real story of Goldman Sachs and politicians, the actions by Cruz would send a chill through your bones.  This is not the first time they have bought off politicians.

Democrats and Republicans alike are in the back pocket of Goldman and the other big bankers and have been.  Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, maybe even Ted Cruz, all seem victims to the Goldman gold.

In case you missed out on it, I have been writing articles since 2008-2009 warning of the unknown consequences of the unholy alliance between both our liberal and conservative politicians and Goldman in particular.

In order to help you understand, I will be reposting some of my many earlier articles and you decide for yourself if Cruz is just another stooge to the puppet master Goldman.  If so, he should have the senate seat taken away from him for violations of federal law and be driven out of the current election.


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