Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Obamaville July 28 - The Calm before the Storm - Dark Clouds on the Horizon


Campaign 2016

The clock keeps ticking with about 16 months left before the general election in November 2016 and already the political silly season has started.

The Republican candidates for president see nothing but Red and the Democratic candidates see nothing but Blue and I do not mean in terms of states on the election board.

Why is it the GOP gang of 16, 17, 18, or whatever cannot just leave Obama out of the election?  No one can change history and Obama did break a huge barrier when elected as our first African American president.  If he did nothing else, it was a significant historic achievement.

Many Americans did not approve of his agenda, his foreign policy, his intellectual indifference and other things but Obama is not going to be president any more.  American decency suggests the herd of candidates should focus on explaining what they would do as president, instead of threatening to tear down everything President Obama accomplished.

If I remember correctly, Obama got elected twice to serve as Commander and Chief of all the people and we owe our president respect if nothing else.  The GOP candidates seem incapable of giving us their agenda for the future choosing instead to mount goofy and demeaning attacks on every last thing the president says or does.

Of course, the National Republican Party just magnified the political partisanship when they limited the GOP debates to the top ten candidates leaving at least half a dozen out in the cold.  They could have had two debates of nine each to showcase all the candidates but no, that makes too much sense.

The only result was all the candidates turning up the volume and competing for who can make the most outrageous and incendiary sound bytes to the media in an effort to boost them into the top ten for the debate.

The GOP has no stranglehold on stupidity, however, as Hillary has flip flopped so many times already her Democratic base has no idea what she advocates.  She pleads she is a pauper with $200 million in the bank as she raises $2 billion for the campaign.  Duh...

Her wobbly and Pollyanna-like explanations for violating federal law by keeping top-secret files on her home computer, then erasing all the records before anyone could check her drive, may be one of the biggest blunders in presidential campaign history.  This was her election to lose and she is doing a very good job at it.

Running our Government
Now that the Republicans have control of both Houses of Congress, nothing has changed, much like Obama's first two years when the Democrats controlled both Houses.  It is a miracle when any little thing good happens in our nation's capitol and that is a very sorry state of affairs.

Campaign Finance Reform

The failure by Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, and the presidential candidates to address campaign finance reform is tantamount to criminal neglect and insures the one to three percent of the people with all the wealth in America will continue to control our politicians like puppets on a string.

Foreign Policy Follies

The Obama administration foreign policy of negotiation with our enemies has resulted in a policy of appeasement and undermined whatever international credibility we might have had in the world.  Instead of a Super power, we are a Super wimp, and it may take generations to get past the morass.

Dark Economic Skies

After seven years of empty promises from Obama and both parties, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will still bankrupt our nation in time.  Our health care is the most expensive in the world and we still rank around nineteenth in terms of quality of service.

All the stock markets are the playground of the rich and pushed Joe six-pack out of the market with computers and crooks, crooks the Obama administration has failed to prosecute.  We still have a lot of corruption, discrimination, and even human trafficking, but we never miss a chance to blast other nations for their faults while ignoring our own.

International Terrorism

Terrorism thrives because of the foreign policy stupidity of both political parties.

Wish you voted different?

Our economy may very well be on life-support, as only the rich seem to have benefited from the economic recovery.  If the American public no longer has faith and trust in our many institutions it is for a very good reason, they do not deserve it.

Hope or a Dope

Still I have hope and remain optimistic that in the end the people will regain control of their government and force our politicians to fix the mess.

The Silent Majority

I never lose sight of the fact that when Obama won re-election in 2012 by the largest margin in his two campaigns, he still only won the overwhelming support of just twenty-six percent of the eligible voters in America.  An astonishing seventy-four percent of the eligible voters did not support him or his agenda.

One day all of our silent majority will finally register and vote and when they do all the money and professional politicians in the world will not be able to stop the tidal wave of reform the people will unleash on America.


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