Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trapped in Alice's Wonderland - the new Reality in America - or is it? Are the Charleston SC Murders a Turning Point in American Race Relations?


In case you did not notice, I did little writing the past couple of weeks.  Fact is, I was so in awe of the developments in the world I began wondering if I had left reality and was stuck in Alice's Wonderland, where I prefer to be.

At least in Alice's world she admits nothing is as it seems.  Thus, my dilemma occurred when a whole bunch of good things started happening just as most prognosticators were predicting bad things.  Because of our negative conditioning to hearing bad or tragic news, we now put on a frown before turning in the evening newscast.

Can you believe it was not even a month ago that a young man joined a Bible Study group at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. He was White and they were all African American.

An hour later the visitor stood up, pulled a gun, and executed nine members of the Parish including their beloved Senior Pastor and State Senator, Clementa C. Pickney.  When they caught the shooter the next day, they found a Confederate Battle flag license plate holder on his car, and a Facebook photo of him with a full size Confederate Battle flag spewing messages of hate.

Like most of the recent cases of mass killings, the shooter was also on prescription drugs for depression and the usual suspects.  Simply put, he was out of his mind, which is a known side effect from these same prescription drugs.  Makes you wonder why the drug prescriptions are not part of the investigation.

As recent as 2012 we set a record for the most mass killings in one year, but this year was different.  Several cities including St. Louis and Baltimore experienced serious rioting not seen since the late 1960's caused by police shooting African Americans.

Those psychics, channelers, and prophets who predicted we were entering a period of chaos, sort of a last warning that the Earth was ready to shift to a higher dimension or energy frequency, well they seemed to be on the mark.

Everyone from politicians to preachers, pastors to predators seemed to be going crazy simultaneously and it was a bit disconcerting if you were inclined to be open to the psychic hot lines.  A proliferation of propaganda flooded the Internet and overwhelmed the minds of those seeking truth or perfection.

Competition grew into hatred and madness erupted into murder.  People stopped respecting the right of others to disagree.  If I had been a journalist back in the Dark Ages, it would have been great preparation for what we just experienced, which came to a climax that dreaded evening of June 17.

At the same time, politicians were already spewing their own brand of hatred at each other.  Every night I would just shake my head hearing how the stated goal of most politicians was to destroy the credibility of opposing politicians.  President Obama, who often was more of a lightning rod than a healer, did not set a particularly healthy brand of leadership.

At that time when the lid was about to blow off the volcano of evil poisoning the Earth, something quite extraordinary, some described it as miraculous, overwhelmed our battle hardened media and shook the foundations of humanity.

The families of the nine victims faced the killer of their family members, and demonstrated that humanity is not all lost, as they delivered their human acts of kindness forgiving the very man who killed their loved ones barely 48 hours earlier.

Standing face-to-face through video networking with the killer, their compassion shocked the world with its message of forgiveness, of enlightenment, and a degree of grace seldom seen in the modern world.

For once in recent news media reporting the news focus was on the demonstration of grace, not the hatred and violence that motivated the murders.  Once again I say when we listen to the people, really hear them out, they demonstrate far greater wisdom than those we empower to represent them.

A band of South Carolina families brought together through grief gave us a glimpse of what a world of compassion, respect, equality, and opportunity should be.

Such an irony that the first state to secede from the Union and bring about the Civil War, and the state where the first fighting of the Civil War took place, would now be the first state to demonstrate what is missing from society and government today, GRACE.

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