Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Russia and China Save Obama Presidential Legacy with Iran Nuclear Votes


Thank you President  Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia

How bizarre is the news?  After years of negotiating with Iran over nuclear weapons by the Obama administration, at the eleventh-hour the breakthrough came and the world first heard about approval of a treaty between Iran and the United States, and the UK, and Germany, and France, and the European Union, and who did you say?

In the end, it was the vote of Russia and China, equal partners in the negotiations, who gave life to the treaty and hope to the people of Iran, who have lived under the yoke of sanctions for years.  President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia saved the day for Obama.

Funny, you do not hear much about how Russia and China made the Obama treaty possible.  I did not hear Obama and Kerry thanking the two semi-bad boys for making possible perhaps the greatest peace development in the Middle East.

Last year I wrote an article calling for an end to sanctions against Iran, Cuba, and Russia, on the grounds the sanctions did not work.  So far, actions by the Obama administration are ending them in Cuba and Iran.

The wisdom and effectiveness of the lifting of sanctions will take years to determine but the initial hope it has given to the Iranian people is gratifying.  The people of Iran believe they have been set free and that is a good side benefit.

Which brings up another question, why is it the Iranian people were the only people in the world celebrating this new treaty?  They refer to it as "freedom."  Perhaps the significance of the treaty goes way beyond nuclear bombs, and it will open the gate toward improved relations with the people of Iran.

I say give the treaty a try, things cannot get worse with Iran.  At the same time, Obama needs to start mending fences with other friends and allies like Israel, Russia, and China.  Stop blaming them for everything bad and try working toward something good.


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