Saturday, December 27, 2014

Campaign Promises - Campaign 2012 - The Seven Cardinal Sins of Politics - Where do we stand?


Sins of the past, present & future

1.  Failing to do something about the national debt!

2.  Failing to cut government deficits!

3.  Failing to attack the unemployment and under-employment problem!

4.  Failing to adopt a national energy independence plan!

5.  Failing to stop unnecessary gas, prescription drug and food price increases!

6.  Failing to reduce medical and health insurance costs!

7.  Failing to improve relations with China and Russia!  [They can solve our problems with Iran, Syria, North Korea and the Middle East.]

1.  National debt - nothing.

2.  Government deficit - very little resulting from Congressional restrictions.

3.  Unemployment - down but underemployment way up.

4.  No national energy policy - nothing.

5.  Rising gas, prescription drugs and food - while gas is down thanks to Saudi Arabia, drugs and food on way up.

6.  Spiraling health and medical costs - nothing.

7.  Improving relations with China and Russia - barely with China, Russia nothing.

Now what can the Republicans do about this pathetic performance?

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