Friday, December 05, 2014

At least something is going right in Putin's Russia


Sometimes it takes a child to show the way for us adults and perhaps that is the case right now in Russia.  We are all familiar with the chest-thumping Vladimir Putin and how he has stood up to the mighty USA, President Obama, and Secretary of State John Kerry.

I suspect in Putin's mind our leaders might be called the Powder Puff and the Procrastinator no more damage than they seem to do to Putin's empirical plans.  He takes Crimea and we slap him across the wrist with white gloves.  He takes eastern Ukraine and we slap him across the wrist with the other white glove.

Our sanctions, although hurting the people of Russia, have done nothing to stop the Putin express. Yet the rather heavy-handed treatment by Putin has left him less and less popular with the masses outside of Russia.

Along comes an 8 year old kid from Russia and suddenly the world falls in love with her.  She was recently named the most beautiful girl in the world and it has never happened at anyone that young. Now this is effective diplomacy.  The President should take note.

Is 8-Year-Old Kristina Pimenova the Most Beautiful Girl in the World?

Lauren Tuck News EditorDecember 5, 2014

Underage girls working in the fashion industry isn’t new. But after years of consciously discouraging the sexualization of young girls and promoting fair treatment and healthy lifestyles for minors, it comes as a bit of a shock that Vladimir Putin is being dubbed the “most beautiful girl in the world” at just eight years old.

Born in 2005 in Moscow, Russia, Pimenova started modeling at the age of three, scoring contracts with Armani, Benetton, Fendi, and Roberto Cavalli’s children’s lines. She landed the cover of Vogue Bambini, her Facebook fan page has more than 2 million likes, and her Instagram handle, which is managed by her mother, has 416,000 followers.

From Yahoo Style 

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