Sunday, December 28, 2014

The thin blue line of thread that holds together the fabric of America, the protector of the people, buries latest martyr in NYC


Saturday was a solemn yet amazing gathering of our nation's finest, the police, to bury the latest martyr who gave his life protecting the public.  NYC police officers Rafael Ramos and his partner Wenjian Liu were gunned down in NYC just one week ago today, the latest of the 114 police in America who died in the line of duly this year, 2014.

Over 25,000 fellow officers from all across America came to the funeral.  NYC has over 50,000 police officers.  JetBlue offered to fly officers from around the nation to NYC at no expense. 

After months of protests and violence regarding the deaths of two blacks in police shootouts, and the escalation of violence to looting, arson, and assaults on police that followed, two innocent police officers were murdered for doing nothing but wearing a police uniform in NYC.

What a strange irony.  Black protests erupt across the nation over the treatment of blacks by white police in two high profile shootings.  Arsonists and anarchists call for the murder of police in response.  Even politicians, the media and preachers fan the flames of racism for some inexplicable reason.

By all accounts, these were two wonderful men, loving parents, inspirational leaders, and spiritual counselors whose dedication, fairness, and actions were exemplary in every way possible.   

A black man murders two NYC cops doing nothing more than sitting in their car.  Then comes the irony, one was a Hispanic and the other was oriental.  So that is the result of fanning the fires of racism.

Crime statistics indicate over 95% of black murders were committed by other blacks.  The murder of a Hispanic and an Oriental seems a real stupid response to targeting white police officers.

Great strides were made in race relations since the 1950's and 1960's culminating with the election of Barack Obama six years ago.  It is a shame there are still people who exploit tragic events by turning peaceful protests into crime scenes.

If the so called experts would just shut up the people would continue to work out their differences without politicians and preachers.


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