Monday, May 04, 2009

Polar Pam Conquers South Pole

Here at Coltons Point we have some pretty famous people like Polar Pam who has been to the deep freeze of the South Pole a couple of times and we have the proof. The South Pole, in the heart of Antarctica, is the coldest, driest, windiest place on earth and Antarctica has the highest average elevation of any continent in the world. Winter temperatures can range from 90 to 130 below zero and that is pretty darn cold.

This is Polar Pam and her Sherpa guide preparing for the flight to the South Pole to visit the National Science Foundation research ice boxes down there. They made their way to the deep freeze through New Zealand and other exotic locales.

Here they are getting close to the Pole walking along a sidewalk that had just been shoveled as you can see from the pile of snow along the road. We estimate the snow is about 50 feet over her head at this point.

In the two shots above she is preparing for the final part of the journey after traveling by airplane with skiis and helicopter. The snow machine is needed to make it through the final part of the adventure. In the second photo she is hanging from the tail of a wrecked plane in the tundra demonstrating Antarktarobics, a strange form of physical workout when you spend too much time at a lonely research outpost. Below you see the adoring crowd of Penguins she is entertaining with her high flying act. It was a sell out crowd for her performance.

Above you see her welcomed to the South Pole and standing by the South Pole and now you know why it is the last place on earth you would ever want to go. No one is there. You can't even get a McDonalds. The Antarctic is the fifth largest continent on earth and maybe 5,000 people live there, mostly in steel huts buried in the snow. There is over 5.4 million square miles, 98% covered by ice.

In the upper photo she is in the Ice Box Bar and Grill where you make your own booze on those long lonely nights and endless days. As you can see in the next photo, it helps to speak a little Penguinese if you want to have any friends down there.

And finally, since she is at the very bottom of the world you can see her hanging off the bottom of the earth holding on for dear life in the last photo. Check out the feet flailing at the air. I doubt you will ever again see someone hanging off the bottom of the world like that and we thank her and her courage for undertaking such a death defying stunt.

Now don't you agree that Coltons Point has some most unusual natives of our own that have gone out and conquered some major places around the world. Polar Pam is now back in our nation's capitol and spends weekends in rehab here at the point. While she may occasionally break into a Penguin Break Dance you need not worry, no one notices here at the Point.

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