Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Health Industry Capitulation - This Sure Ain't No Pythagorean Theorem

This week Obama announced that members of the doctors, pharmaceutical, hospital and insurance industry involved in health care have agreed to give up 1 1/2% of their future price increases. Man would I like to be a hero for giving up 1 1/2% of what I don't even have and may never get.

That is a slick math move like many we have already witnessed from these clever craftsmen of New World economics. We are going to save $2 trillion over the next ten years in health care costs, $2 trillion in price increases that haven't even been approved. Is that a negative attitude or what. If you buy the language we already have the 7% a year in price increases guaranteed for the next ten years.

Obama isn't even going to be president for ten years unless that is another law they intend to disregard. Anyway, the problem with health care is that we already have the most expensive system in the world and still 46 million Americans don't have health care and we are far from the healthiest people on Earth. I guess money not only can't buy you love but it can't buy you quality health care either.

Now 12 million of the 46 million uninsured are illegal aliens. Most already have insurance so we really should not count them as uninsured. Of course the liberals still think our social programs are inadequate but they don't understand how many people have already figured out how to take advantage of the programs.

Another 10 million uninsured are college students but they could be covered by family or school insurance programs. That leaves 20 million Americans really uninsured, not 46 million. In spite of the generous cut in future increases by the health industry, it means health care costs will still increase by billions of dollars a year in the most expensive but not the best health care program in the world.

If the program is already too expensive then cut the budget, don't let it increase. Believe it or not that is how you get budgets into balance. Obama has got a 1 1/2% reduction in future costs leaving a 5.5% annual cost increase that he says is acceptable. He has asked for $750 billion more in health care spending next year alone.

So why is it costing us billions more to reduce the cost of health care? I say a 7% annual increase on top of the astounding increase in health care costs the past two decades is ridiculous. Just eliminate the 7% we don't even have and cut the fraud, corruption and waste in what is here right now. We should be able to cut the budget and still expand coverage to everyone. Does that sound too American and not enough socialist, I mean liberal?

If you really want to cut health care costs stop prescribing prescription drugs to our children and seniors and we can save billions. Do you know the average senior in America has 6-8 drug prescriptions? Then there are estimates that up to 6 million kids are taking Ritalin prescriptions for attention deficit disorder though less than half that number have been diagnosed with the problem.

Prescribing unnecessary drugs does have a multiplying effect in terms of a stimulus program however. The excessive payment to the pharmaceutical company that makes it, the payment and/or kick back to the doctor who prescribes it, the insurance company for processing fees for the claim, why even the patient who is transformed into a Zombie by the tranquil illusion from the drug.
You could eliminate half the cost of prescription drugs and have no effect on the health of the patients. Better still go to a Medicine Man or Woman and actually get healed. What a concept!

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