Friday, March 20, 2009

What is the Economy Going To Do?

Now that is the biggest question facing the world today as the Obama Administration has been mired in deflection of the economic problems to Bush saying they inherited the mess. Of course the Democratic controlled Congress passed the bail out bill, with Obama's support, then passed the second and all subsequent packages and bailouts. The new budget is also Obama's, not Bush.

If the economic plans fail they will be because of Bush. So if they succeed they should also be because of Bush but of course that is not politics as usual and we have seen how the agent-of-change has taken great comfort in maintaining politics as usual. It matters not, who can believe them anyway? Fact is none of the experts can be believed because all of them collectively, Democrats, Republicans, politicians, Wall Streeters and the financial institutions of the world were responsible for the mess.

The Coltons Point Times has been far more accurate than Wall Street or Washington in predicting the future trends and problems of the economy over the past three years. We are now going to give our newest round of predictions and we tend to take a much more optimistic approach than all those guys trying to "capitalize on the crisis."

Once again we turned to our legion of experts and consulted the shamans, psychics, channels, spirits (both the ethereal and bottled kind), illegal aliens, extra-terrestrial aliens and itinerate preachers for advice. We did not consult Wall Street, economists, stock analysts, bankers, brokers, politicians or media for they lived the lies that got us here in the first place and that they are condemning even now. If they looked in the mirror they could identify the bad guys.

So here are the 2009 economic predictions of the CPT. First the recession will end during the 3rd quarter of this year and a sustained growth will commence in September. By then the Dow Jones should be flirting with 9,000. Real Estate will turn around the second quarter and by the third quarter the value of homes will start increasing again. Congress better watch the lenders to make sure they are not sticking it to us in hidden fees.

While America will be back to business almost as usual next fall it will take six months more before the European markets start to stabilize, like in the spring of 2010. If you can go to Europe and other places while the prices are dirt cheap. The unemployment rate will stabilize by the fourth quarter of this year but will take several years to return to a 6% level. That's okay because if people see the value of their homes and stocks increasing many older workers will not need to return to work making more jobs available for younger people.

Ford and a stripped down General Motors will emerge this fall much more competitive with the Japanese car manufacturers who stole the American market from them. Health costs will increase making health and wellness companies good investments as Obama will struggle with lowering costs. No matter how much money they pour into education it will not improve until they create a whole new educational system. In both health and education it is the system that is flawed. More money and people cannot make incompetent or outdated systems better.

At some point in the next 24 months people are going to suddenly have a divine awakening when they realize that if we spent all the money currently spent on health, insurance and treatment on the simple strategy of rebuilding our immune system, maybe we wouldn't need that massive health care industry. Didn't the Bible even say "heal thyself"?

Remember when you were a kid and ate mud patties, dirty snow, unwashed garden vegetables and even half-cooked burgers if the barbeque chef was half-lit? That stuff didn't kill you. Most times it didn't even make you sick. Our immune system could handle it. Well even since you were a kid you have been busy destroying your immune system with our societal addiction to prescription drugs, atrocious eating habits, and over-the-counter remedies to every problem you didn't even know you had!

For the richest and most advanced society in the world we are pretty sick physically, mentally and spiritually. If you choose to maintain the status quo when it comes to your health and habits including the diagnosing and treatment of our many illnesses and diseases, then you will stay sick. If you want to get well, you change what made you sick in the first place. That is the future of improved health. Many old and even ancient treatments never should have been forgotten. They cured the problems. Today's treatment is intended to prolong the problem and make you more susceptible to more prescriptions.

Physically, health maintenance is the best cure for the physical body. Mental health can be cured when we wake up and realize a greed-driven society breeds the many tentacles of stress which manifest into your sicknesses. Spiritually, well that is a test. You could find or go back to religion or adopt some discipline that helps you find inner peace.

That is all the advice I have to offer on this at the moment.

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