Friday, March 20, 2009

The Truth Is Out There - Now It Is Here.

Now listen, we have been battered by the economy, Wall Street, our nation's capitol, the media, preachers and pretenders recently not to mention Mother Nature and just plain old bad luck. What if there is a reason for all this chaos and catastrophe, confusion and cynicism? I mean just look at what the weather man does to you with wrong reports about half the time. Is that evidence of the evolution of our cultural, scientific and educational achievement levels? No wonder the rest of the world is kicking our butts.

Well you deserve the truth so let's start with one of the most controversial subjects of our history, the premise that we are not alone. Recently I was watching the sky one day in Southern Maryland and photographing cloud formations over the Potomac River. Suddenly the most curious circle appeared low on the horizon and I shot a photo record of what happened. The cloud formation was huge. You can see in the pictures in this story.

But this is not about clouds, it is about extra terrestrial visitors to our planet and the seemingly large increase in the number of sightings. Here on the fringes of our nation's capitol and in the belt of known and unknown top secret military operations and bases there have always been a high rate of activity in terms of UFO reports and as a result many residents are up-to-date on UFO activity. Well here is the new stuff.

While filming the sky circle I decided to zoom in on the planes that had to have made the circle. A couple were in the vicinity of the drifting circles so I zoomed in on them. The first shot showed something at the head of the contrail but not clearly a jet. I zoomed once and then twice and finally a ball shaped object appeared at the head of the vapor trail in the sky and certainly this was no jet known to humans. Another shot of a jet making contrails is also shown. Note the details of the jet.

The digital camera taking the shots had a stroke and the electronics virtually broke down shortly after the shooting but not before the file was downloaded and the memory chip with the original shots was preserved. What you see is what was in the sky that day cutting through and around the strange circle.

This is the second confirmed definitive sighting by this author, the other happening while driving in Kentucky a few years back. It was early evening and dusk was just settling in. Too light to need headlights, one could clearly see with natural daylight. This was a more oblong glowing object that was much larger than any jet. It was very near the ground and when first sighted several miles away it was still really big. For nearly 30 minutes myself and several other witnesses watched it lazily move along a mountain ridge in Eastern Kentucky before disappearing. During that time the path it traveled brought it toward us as if we were going to intersect.

Aliens always fascinated me and I have studied everything about them from government cover-ups to their spiritual roles in our evolution. I interviewed a number of people involved in Operation Blue Book, the official cover-up report on aliens and I interviewed participants in top secret missions that always seemed to draw a crowd of alien observers.

When I went to Russia and got into some Soviet archives there was a wealth of information on UFOs and aliens as it seems the Soviets always knew they existed. But here on the Potomac River about 60 miles downriver from Washington, DC the sky is abuzz with visitors. One of the biggest UFO clusters ever reported was here in the DC area during 1952 when numerous UFOs were being sighted, one of the largest concentrations of sightings in American history.

Now that it appears some of the contrails we see every day that we thought were from jets are really from the aliens. The exact same description of a "ball trailing a tail" is what appeared in my photo and the words came from an officer at Andrews AFB back in 1952.

There is some reason they are coming here in seemingly larger numbers as if they want to be here to witness something extraordinary that might be about to happen. Perhaps we should all look to the skies a little more as we ponder just what is going to happen that is causing aliens to come here for the show?

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