Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We Are Not Alone!!!

To those of you who may doubt the existence of life outside of our planet I think you should be a little open minded on the subject. Thousands of years ago in ancient days drawings were made of strange ships, people wearing space helmets and other objects that defy time. These people had just discovered fire and civilizations were in their infancy. The drawings showed things that did not exist for thousands of more years.

Many Indian folk tales, legends and ancient teachings tell of the Blue people, the Star people, and the fire balls visitors rode to earth. I have seen the grave of an alien who had befriended a tribe in the Southwest and taught them for years before finally dying. This grave has been guarded 24 hours a day for centuries.

Throughout time there have been reports of visitors, landings, abductions, and many other strange things that seemed to indicate some extra-terrestrial life forms. NASA astronauts have reported sighting along with military pilots, commercial airline pilots and many others. People from all walks of life have seen UFOs.

Our government, after the Roswell incident in 1947, went through the motions of investigating it and in time set up Project Blue Book under the Air Force to file a detailed report. It was a white wash. Things were happening at Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio where the wreckage from Roswell was taken. More reports came from Area 51 in Nevada where top secret work was underway.

I worked for three Congressmen, a couple of US Senators, two governors and a couple of presidents and there was always an undercurrent of interest in the truth about Roswell and UFOs. So I interviewed many people in the Air Force, Navy and involved in the bases mentioned. Needless to say they signed agreements to never discuss what they did. If they talked they could be charged with treason. A pretty severe punishment for talking about something the government said didn't exist.

In pursuit of information, actually truth, I even went to Russia and got into secret archives and there was a wealth of reports, confirmations, photos and videos of alien encounters. In Russia the existence of aliens was accepted, even taken for granted. Why could the Soviets and then Russians accept something that our government denied? Because they saw no reason to lie about the truth.

Many Navy people I interviewed said they never understood why UFO investigators always talked to the Air Force but seldom the Navy when the Navy had the best UFO records. Now that got my attention. So they explained there are more UFO's identified in the water than the air because the Navy tracks them with both sonar and radar.

Videos and photos had been seen by them of saucer type ships hovering over the back deck of ships at sea before diving into the ocean. It seems the water mass has little effect on the ability of the alien ships to maneuver. I even talked to people on the ships where saucers had followed them for miles although none ever reported a hostile action.

In fact a Soviet general was the only one who talked of hostile action when he described a UFO that hovered over an ICBM intercontinental missile site in Siberia. It was there so long a Soviet film crew was able to fly to the site and film it. But when it left it activated the missile launch controls triggering a launch sequence aimed at America. The general said he felt they were teaching them a lesson that nuclear weapons could not be protected from aliens. Fortunately the Soviets were able to abort the launch.

After years of compiling information I got a call and was told to go to a location in another state and to bring a camera. When I got there and entered the room everyone there left the room I was alone. On a desk was a Top Secret folder with a white envelope sitting on top of the folder, not in it. I walked over and picked up the envelope and pulled out a photo, the photo you see on this page.

I took my camera and shot it then replaced it on top of the folder. When the people returned to the room they smiled at me and one walked over to the folder, grabbed the envelope and stuffed it in the file. Later I was told the alien pictured was being interviewed by US defense officials. In fact a series of interviews over a number of years had been going on.

The alien was not captured nor being held. It came and went as it pleased. It did not leave by space ship but simply altered it's own frequency and disappeared. It explained that it did not need a vehicle because other dimensions were like parallel universes along with ours. It simply stepped through the frequency barrier into another world. It returned when it wanted.

This photo shows the reflection of faces and people in the eyes of the alien captured by the camera. I was told if the photo is enhanced the people talking to the alien can be identified. This alien has been visiting trying to help our government plan and prepare for a major change in the world on a magnitude such as the earth has never experienced. I was told there are several races of aliens, some good and some not so good. They are converging on earth to watch or try to influence the events that are about to take place.

The mysterious Top Secret Photo...

In many sessions with the spiritual leaders of Indian nations such as the Hopi, Algonquin and Lakota I have learned of the period of time the earth has entered called the Purification when humankind is given the chance to be part of the transition to a new world or to remain trapped in the existing density of the third dimension.

I was at the fulfillment of ancient prophecies of the Hopi telling them this cycle of civilization is coming to an end. We watched as a prophecy that said the Eagle and the Condor would come together was fulfilled in the Arizona desert The North and South American birds landed in the same tree. When the seventh fire of the ancient Algonquin prophecy was lit I was there, the end of over 300 years of steps to reach the end times.

What does it all mean? Let your intuition tell you if the alien in the photo is real. Mine tells me it could not be a doctored photo, especially with the reflection of humans in the eyes. I really think we are ready for the truth. I also think the truth will help bring the human race together. Maybe we would be less inclined to kill each other if we knew more powerful alien forces were out there. Maybe it will help us think of the human race as one as the Indian prophecies say must happen.

Now how can you discover more? Ask people in a position to know. Only don't ask them questions that can make them violate any confidentially agreement and thus be subject to prosecution. Until the government decides the people deserve the truth, you must ask questions not about their work. For example, instead of asking if they had seen aliens or spaceships ask them if they believe they exist. They are just giving their opinion which is fine. Be clever in asking and you will discover far more truth is already here. And please let me know if one drops in for dinner.

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