Wednesday, October 01, 2008

CNBC Joins Media Gutter with MSNBC over Bailout Bill

History was made tonight as the Senate voted 74-25 for the Wall Street bailout bill which was really a Main Street rescue effort passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support. Apparently CNBC got tired of being the only news unit in the NBC family not directly associated with the anti-Republican avalanche of distorted media coverage and took action to claim their rightful place in the media gutter. In the process they embarrassed whatever Democrat and Republican friends they may have had.

Tonight as the US Senate was in the process of voting CNBC decided to offer live coverage of the activity and promptly demonstrated that for all their claims of being the leading financial network, they are little more than a bunch of whining fools.

For two hours tonight the so called anchors of CNBC did nothing but ridicule the US Constitutional process and the Senate in particular with the most ridiculous comments and observations on the Senate procedures ever presented on television. Their total confusion over tax extensions versus pork barrel legislation was astounding and reflected their degree of total misunderstanding.

GE, the owner of CBNC, should be ashamed of the attacks by their staff on the deliberations, the content of the bill that will keep them all in business, and the procedures of the Congress displayed by their gang of children on the air.

Despite the goading by the maniacs clearly jealous of the leftist credentials of Keith Obermann and Chris Matthews on bedfellow MSNBC, at least a few of the anchors resist the urging to look like fools and kept a sense of dignity when discussing Congress and the money that will save their beloved Wall Street.

People like Becky Quick, Erin Burnett and Maria Bartiromo continue to offer objective news reporting and as a result they make the others seem like kids in a schoolyard brawl. What a pity. But those like Mark Haines, Charles Gasparino and Melissa Francis become blabbering fools in the heat of the television lights.

I wrote that the arrogance of Wall Street and the media is one of the biggest roadblocks to the federal government saving their elitist butts. Well Mark Haines demonstrated over and over again what happens when a network turns a disrespectful bellowing, blabbering idiot loose on the airways. Surely such anti-government antics and lack of understanding or appreciation of the American political process as that demonstrated by the CNBC crew should lead them to the cellar of the cable ratings along with their fellow MSNBC socialists.

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Anonymous said...

Where were you when Bush just said: ""If money isn't loosened, this sucker could go down."?

Maybe these reporters are used to talking to him...