Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama's Got the Wailin' Palin Blues

If you want to see the video with captions and add your vote to those fed up with politics go to the following YouTube site:

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Lyrics for the Obama song:

Obama's Got The Wailin' Palin Blues
© 2008 by Jim Putnam

Obama's got the wailin' Palin blues
he thought he'd silenced women when Hillary did lose
Little did he know from Alaska far away
a gun-totin' momma came to ruin Obama's day

And so Obama's got the wailin' Palin blues
Old Biden called her good looking he hasn't got a clue
The media said this backwoods babe just wasn't qualified
Obama was their man no woman could push him aside

Now Oprah's got the wailin' Palin blues
Poor Oprah she just don't know what to do
Keep that woman off my show Baracks the One that much I know
Keep that hockey mom away from me
she might steal Obama's dream that I see

So Rangel's got the wailin' Palin blues
He called Sarah disabled what a nasty thing to do
Like Gibson and Georgie on ABC TV
Those good old boys are just too blind to see

MSNBC has the wailin' Palin blues
Keith and Chris lost it when they heard the news
They tried to kick her back to the kitchen oh what fools
Now the moose huntin' momma's got a bullseye right on you

Hollywood's got the wailin' Palin blues
They said she was a lousy Disney movie oh what fools
Palin smile said I'll help you the stars went out the sky turned blue
Go sip your wine and shake your jewels you've had your time you're through

That's why Obama's got the wailin' Palin blues
He realized sweet Sarah just might make him lose
As he sits and watches his coronation slip away
he slaps himself for ever letting Hillary get away

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