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The FBI - Saviors of the American Dream - Once again coming to the Rescue of America in Hillary Clinton Case


Did FBI Director James Comey stand alone in defending America's Future?

The FBI Hoover Legacy

Twice in the past century the FBI stood alone in saving the American Dream for future generations and it appears Director James Comey did it a third time with his stunning, provocative, and explosive news conference on Tuesday, just hours before President Obama was to appear with Hillary Clinton on the Presidential campaign trail.

For those with no sense of history controversial FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover stood alone in the dangerous world of politics and used the resources of the FBI he built to alter the course of American history.

The first happened early in Hoover's career when he stood up to the La Casa Nostra, better known as the Mafia.  This criminal syndicate from Sicily set out to control the major towns of America through corruption of public officials, control of all entertainment vices, coercion, black mail, and strong-armed techniques.

With their iron-fisted control of cities like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Havana, New Orleans, Kansas City, and Los Angeles among others, not to mention their safe havens of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, much of the American law enforcement and judicial systems were under the control of the mob.

Hoover, alone among all public servants, set out to destroy the mafia control of America in one of the most prolonged and bloody periods of our domestic history.  It was a battle waged from the 1930's until his death in 1972.

During the same period, the threat from Communism also shook the foundations of American intelligence, and the FBI under Hoover was America's front wall for counter-intelligence against the Soviet Union.

Competition among the nation's intelligence agencies and Communist infiltration of the agencies left Hoover as the last line of defense for the nation.  This activity continued from the 1930's through the 1950's in earnest.

Such was the power of Hoover that even presidents could not touch him as both President Truman and President Kennedy failed in efforts to get rid of him.  Appointed the sixth director of the Bureau of Investigations in 1924, the predecessor to the FBI, Hoover founded and became first Director of the FBI in 1935.

During his career as Director of the BOI and FBI, an astonishing span of forty-eight years, he served eight presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon.  Congress even granted Hoover a waiver from the mandatory retirement law.

The James Comey FBI of Today

Now we jump to the present with the FBI under the control of the seventh director, James Comey.  He spent most of his career in the Justice Department earning appointments from Presidents George Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama.

His reputation for honesty, integrity, and non-partisanship helped him secure major nominations from both presidents and their respective political parties.  No one has questioned his decisions and actions as Director, until Tuesday of this week.

In order to understand the potential role he played in American political history, one must first know the bizarre situation that evolved in this presidential campaign like no previous campaign in political history.

Not only do we have two candidates with the highest unfavorable rating in history, both Democrat and Republican parties face a citizen's revolt against the establishment.  Unfortunately, for those in power, the establishment includes the politicians, news media, Wall Street, the financial sector, special interests, the one percent, and the one-tenth of one percent super rich.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the sole survivors to this point in the nominating process.  Both operate under a cloud of suspicion and neither has done much to counter the mistrust.  No matter who wins, they will be among the richest presidents in our history.

Clinton is the by-product of the Bill Clinton family legacy which covers everything but family values.  She is the ultimate establishment candidate, pledged to carry on the many unpopular and failed policies of President Obama from war to health care to protection of Wall Street and big business.

The Hillary candidacy faces many problems including the provocative reputation of her husband, and the fact she and Bill are card-carrying members of the one percent and one-tenth of one percent demons labeled the super rich.  Her income the past two years, thanks to Goldman Sachs, was staggering.

Bernie Sanders and wife Jane reported an income of $205,000 last year.  The same year, Hillary Clinton made an average of $233,600 per speech.  Clinton gave 45 speeches in 2014 for a total sum of $10.5 million.  Hillary and Bill Clinton's total income in 2014 is $27.9 million.

From the Clinton Foundation to the Goldman speeches the Clinton's are the Golden Family of Wall Street and the super rich.  Hundreds of millions of dollars flow from the corporate giants to the Clintons.

Such is the playground of the super rich that the cost for a couple at the head table with Hillary Clinton, George Clooney and his wife, attorney Amal Clooney, at an April 15 California Bay area fundraiser, was a whopping $353,400 — a huge ticket price even by Hollywood standards.

A second event starring Hillary and the Clooneys, on April 16, where Clinton and the Clooneys reunited at the Clooney Los Angeles mansion, cost $33,400 per person to dine at the table with one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples.

“An obscene amount of money,” is how George Clooney described the estimated $15 million raised at the weekend Hillary Clinton fundraisers Clooney co-hosted.

“The Bernie Sanders campaign, when they talk about it, is absolutely right,” Clooney told NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd in an interview after the events.  “It’s ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. I agree completely.”

“Yes, I think it’s an obscene amount of money,” Clooney told Todd. “I think that, you know, we had some protesters last night when we pulled up in San Francisco and they’re right to protest. They’re absolutely right. It is an obscene amount of money.”

To put this in perspective, Hillary plans to spend nearly $1.5 billion, yes billion, during the presidential campaign while Trump may spend substantially less, though the billionaire already contributed over $50 million of his own money to his campaign.

The Clinton email FBI Investigation

Hillary has faced another difficult challenge, resulting from her contentious relationship with a Congressional Committee investigating her handling of the Benghazi disaster in Libya when she was Secretary of State and terrorists murdered four Americans, including the US Ambassador.

During the course of the investigation, Hillary revealed she had a private server in her house that managed all her email correspondence during her term as Secretary.  Because the White House and State Department did not approve it and she handled classified and top secret information on it a firestorm erupted.

The FBI launched an investigation of the Clinton email server and handling of classified and top secret documents.  This week that investigation finally ended, just a couple of weeks before Hillary's formal nomination for president.  Before I offer the details, let me add a couple of more pieces to the puzzle.

With Hillary under investigation by the FBI, President Obama several months ago declared the investigation would find no evidence to indict Hillary, his heir apparent to the presidency.  It was an extraordinary action taken by a president when the investigation was still underway.

The Bill Clinton Caper

On June 9 Obama endorsed Clinton even though Bernie Sanders was, and still remains, in the nomination race, another bizarre event.  Then on Monday, June 27, Bill Clinton threw a monkey wrench into the mix when he secretly met, he thought, with the Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch.

As the leading Justice Department official in the Obama Administration who also oversees the FBI, she would decide the email case against Bill's wife Hillary.  Unbeknownst to the players, someone was watching, and reported it to the press.

Later Ms. Lynch said the meeting with Mr. Clinton was unplanned, largely social and did not touch on the email investigation. She suggested that he walked uninvited from his plane to her government plane, both of which parked on a tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

A chance meeting between the husband of the woman under investigation, and the person in charge of the investigation, while the investigation by the FBI was still in progress, does not meet the rules of conduct for officers of the judiciary.  Apparently, no one was present during the thirty-nine minute meeting and another firestorm erupted.

In response to the press uproar and the Republican tirade against a "fixed" investigation, the Attorney General held yet another bizarre event, a news interview, to say she would accept whatever recommendation came from the FBI regarding the Clinton investigation.  As the head of the Justice, she could approve, reject, or change the results of the FBI report.

Hillary's Secret Meeting with FBI 

The next day, Saturday of the Fourth of July weekend, Hillary secretly gave her testimony to the FBI in Washington for three and one half hours, a meeting not disclosed until Monday, July 4.  Now suspicions raged as the Obama Administration had already announced that the President would take Hillary on Air Force One, and campaign with her on Tuesday, July 5, in North Carolina.

No matter what the two candidates did or said the Fourth of July weekend it was buried in the controversy over the meeting of Bill Clinton with Lynch, and Hillary campaigning with the president.

Then, just before President Obama and Hillary boarded Air Force One on Tuesday, July 5, the series of bombshells morphed into a nuclear explosion.

With no advance notice and no fanfare, the FBI Director called a News conference to announce the findings of the FBI investigation of the Hillary emails, though it had been less than seventy-two hours since his agency interviewed Clinton over the July 4 weekend.

Pandemonium broke loose as the news media scrambled to cover the Washington, D.C. news conference in FBI headquarters since most media staff were already on the road covering campaign stops.

FBI Director ends Clinton Investigation

James Comey stepped to the microphone and proceeded to describe in astounding detail all the ways Hillary Clinton and her staff had violated federal laws and regulations and endangered the national security of America with her careless handling of classified material.

CNN lies (Double click for full view)

After over ten minutes of detailing the mismanagement and reckless nature of the Clinton people, including saying it was probable foreign adversaries hacked her private system, he closed by dropping yet another nuclear explosion when he said the FBI would not recommend prosecuting Clinton or her staff.

RNC lies (Double click for full view)

Then he walked away without taking any questions.

The news media and Internet exploded with information about the unscheduled news conference by the FBI Director, as the President and Hillary flew off to North Carolina.  At the political rally in North Carolina Obama and Clinton did not mention the FBI report.

According to Director Comey, he did not notify the Attorney General or the White House about the crucial news conference to avoid the appearance of impropriety.  The entire government seemed paralyzed by the news conference and the findings as the FBI never discussed the details of an investigation before a resolution of the case was completed.

Now, the firestorm has become an inferno as Republicans and the media have questioned how the FBI Director could provide a condemning investigation of Hillary filled with documentation of her reckless and dangerous actions, yet refuse to recommend an indictment.

Congressional Committees summoned both Comey and Lynch to appear before Congressional hearings this week to explain the bizarre sequence of actions which Donald Trump calls the fixed and rigged system in America.  Obama and Clinton have been silent except for a Clinton campaign comment that the action ends the case.

Today, Wednesday of the same week, Attorney General Lynch announced she supported the FBI action of no indictment and declared the case closed.  Shortly after it was reported she was offered an appointment by the Clinton's to remain as Attorney General, yet another illegal act according to federal law.

The FBI to the Rescue again

So how do such rapidly accelerating events that overpowered the media and divided our nation result in the FBI saving America again?

Suppose for a moment that as Director of the FBI James Comey was well aware of the pressure to whitewash the Clinton email criminal investigation.  President Obama had declared there was no crime long before the conclusion of the investigation.

No matter what Comey recommended regarding the FBI probe, there were several additional opportunities for the Administration to change the recommendations.  First, the Justice Department and prosecutors would review it and then the Attorney General would review and approve it.  Finally, if it was crucial like this ruling would be, the White House and President could step in to the review and approval process.

Thus, there were four very strong reviews after the FBI delivered recommendations that could derail any effort to indict Clinton, the Justice Department, federal prosecutors, Attorney General Lynch, and President Obama and the White House.

Since Obama had long before declared Hillary's innocence, she was now the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States, and Obama was going out on the campaign trail to help her beat Trump, what chance was there for any FBI recommendation to pursue an indictment.

Two decades ago, the Clinton family had demonstrated how to manipulate the federal government and congress with the multiple affairs of the sitting president, and his impeachment for lying to congress.  He spent seven million dollars in legal funds and walked away as one of the most popular presidents in modern history.  Goldman Sachs then helped pay off the legal fees and over the next sixteen years made the Clintons multi-millionaires.

Make no mistake America is in the hands of special interests thanks to Wall Street, the financial institutions, and their stranglehold over corporate America and our political campaign financing.  Hillary is the Golden Girl of Wall Street.  What chance did a recommendation from the FBI Director have of approval by the very Administration relying on Clinton to protect the Obama legacy?

Faced with a hopeless situation to expose the truth about Clinton, a huge break came when the Lynch - Bill Clinton meeting was exposed.  The Attorney General, forced to say she would guarantee the FBI recommendations would face no interference from her, assured that the FBI findings would be independent of the Justice Department.  The meek effort at transparency would come to haunt the Administration.

After Clinton's secret interview with the FBI over the holiday weekend and the President announced plans to campaign with Hillary the day after Independence Day, it was clear the White House thought the Clinton affair was over.  Obama decided to move forward in his support for Clinton as if the email case was a done deal.

A Secret Strategy to Expose the Truth?

Only one strategy would enable the release of all the investigation findings in time to impact on the 2016 presidential election.  It was not to recommend an indictment when four more reviews could throw it out.  The FBI Director must issue a damning report to the media, which detailed the massive carelessness and national security exposure of the Clinton classified email abuses.

With the pledge of FBI independence from the Attorney General, Comey was free to set his own method, timing, and format for releasing the FBI report.  He scheduled it at the last moment before the President and Hillary boarded a plane to campaign in North Carolina.

The media, caught totally off guard, had political reporters waiting in North Carolina and following the Trump campaign.  The White House and Clinton campaign were shocked when they learned the FBI Director was issuing his report without anyone from the Administration reviewing it in advance.

As Director Comey stood before the national media and gave a litany of all the abuses by Clinton and her staff, and the dire consequences for national security, everyone listening waited for the confirmation of an indictment.

There was a final trick up the sleeve of Comey, and it would once again send shock waves through the political system.  He did not call for an indictment but expressed a lame excuse about intent not being sufficient.  Once again, there was total shock.

When he refused to be questioned by reporters, and walked off the platform, everyone was bewildered.

The next day the Attorney General approved the FBI recommendation and closed the Hillary Clinton case.  As a result, the entire records of the investigation were no longer secret because it was no longer an active investigation.

Could it be that the Director of the FBI knew there were powerful forces manipulating behind the scenes to keep control of the White House by exonerating Clinton and making her president?  Is it possible he knew no recommendation for an indictment could survive the review process?

It is possible the FBI Director knew the only way to get the full story out including all the findings of the FBI investigation before the presidential election was to refuse to indict, thus causing a firestorm reaction from the GOP and public.  This, in turn, would result in Congressional hearings where he would be compelled to disclose the entire FBI investigative case.

There was only one way to stop the Clinton, Obama, and Wall Street machine from controlling the outcome of the investigation and the presidential election and that is full disclosure and true transparency.  Both will result from the provocative actions by James Comey.

In the end, FBI Director Comey may be the true hero for exposing the truth.  If so, once again the FBI will have come to the rescue of America during our time of greatest need.


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