Saturday, July 16, 2016

CPT Twit - Linda Ronstadt Happy Birthday (July 15) from your former Arizona Classmate


When I was a freshman at the University of Arizona in 1964 a young singer named Linda Ronstadt was in my freshman class.  It did not take long to know she was going to be a star and we used to go see her in concert at the local spots like the bowling alley.

Linda on far right

Of course no one hit on her when we were at the University of Arizona as her uncle was the Chief of Police in Tucson.  Within a year or two her recording of Different Drum hit number 1 and Linda would become the queen of rock and roll.

Congratulations to a courageous and pioneering woman and classmate, Linda Ronstadt.

Different Drum (Double click for full screen)

Blue Bayou (Double click for full screen)

Tracks of my Tears (Double click for full screen)


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